MilkEvery individual starts his/her life with milk. Milk plays an important role in our body functions and processes. Always, it has been recommended that an individual should drink a glass in a day to remain healthy and fit. As milk has numbers of health benefits so one should consume 1 to 2 glasses of milk in a day.


Health benefits of milk 

Healthy body and proper growth:

It is important that we should consume one or 2 glasses of milk in a day, because it is good for the proper growth & healthy body. Milk is rich in calcium which is considered as helpful in proper growth. Calcium helps in making the bones stronger, teeth strong, grow taller etc.

Vibrant skin:

Due to pollution and heat, our skin gets accumulated with dust particles which destroy skin, makes our skin rough and oily and increase in acne. To avoid all these problems, one should consume 2 – 3 glasses of milk in a day. Milk is rich in nutrients which protect our skin getting rough or oily.

Strong bones:

If you want to have healthy and strong bones then you will need to consume high amount of calcium which you can get by consuming 2 or 3 glasses of milk in a day.

Proper digestion:

Majority of people eat fast and junk foods and do not take care of healthy diet. Fast foods and junk foods disturb whole digestion system so to keep the proper digestion system; you can consume 2 or 3 glasses of milk every day.

Enduring muscles:

Every boy wants to have good and strong muscles. Why you should go for the supplements if you can get healthy body and strong muscles with milk.  Milk is the best source to gain strong muscles and healthy body.

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Good amount of nutrients:

According to doctors or scientists, it has been observed that nutrient plays an important role to have healthy and strong body as milk provides us good amount of nutrients so one can have healthy and fit body if 2 or 3 glasses of milk will be consumed on daily basis.

Appetite suppressant:

Milk works as a best appetite suppressant. According to studies, it has been found that people feel fuller at lunchtime after drinking a milk glass in morning.

Reduce stress:

Milk is considered as best source to get rid of stress problems as it strengthens our brain muscles. It also reduces the symptoms of PMS.

Shiny and sleek hair:

Milk contains good amount of calcium, nutrients and proteins which are helpful in proper hair growth.

Get rid of Hangover:

By taking a glass of milk in morning after taking wine or alcohol in night, one can get rid of hangover easily. It is helpful in getting rid of hangover because milk neutralizes acidity present in alcohol.




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