Sweet PotatoesOften referred to as yams these sweet potatoes are nutritional and very delicious Sweet potatoes are one of those vegetables which are affordable, tasty and available all year. But still they are not that much popular in recipes. Here I will provide some classic uses of this vegetable which make it a wholesome diet. Some of these unknown advantages of these vegetable are as follows:

Good source of vitamin B6

Homocysteine is a chemical that increments the certainity of digestive and heart problems. Vitamin B6 highly available in  sweet potatoes lowers the production of this chemical in body.

Large content of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a multipurpose vitamin as it provides many benefits to the human body. Some of these are help in blood cell and bone formation. It also produces collagen which further increases the youthfulness of skin. This precious vitamin is present in a good amount in sweet potatoes.

A good amount of Vitamin D

Sweet potato is also a warehouse of Vitamin D which we get or is rather produces when we sit in the sunlight. This vitamin helps in reducing mood swings and is guard of our immune system and also of a healthy heart.

High magnesium content

The stress buster mineral magnesium is found in a huge quantity in sweet potatoes. This mineral is very important for the overall health of bones, heart and blood.

One of the fibrous vegetables

The quantity of fiber in sweet potatoes is almost double when in a comparison to other potatoes. This fiber in food prevents constipation and the movement of bowels in the intestines remains smooth.

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Provides Beta Carotene

Also known as vitamin A in simple words sweet potatoes is a storehouse of this vitamin which serves as an anti-oxidant and a cancer fighting agent. This vitamin acts as a sheath saving the skin from sun’s UV rays and also heals the damage already caused by the rays.

Posses’ Anti-inflammatory properties

Due to the presence of so many vitamins and minerals these sweet potatoes are advantageous for both brain and the nerve tissue.

Beneficial for arthritis patients

Arthritis is a joint disease which creates swellings in various joints and body parts. The patients suffering from arthritis are thus advised to have a huge intake of sweet potatoes. The reason being sweet potatoes have anti inflammatory properties which nullify the damage caused by arthritis.

Relief to the sufferers of stomach ulcers

Again due to anti inflammatory properties and due to presence of various vitamins and minerals, theses sweet potatoes are a great relief to the patients suffering from stomach ulcers. It certainly provides a soothing feeling to the stomach and also helps in reducing constipation.

Rich in Iron

Sweet potatoes are also rich in the mineral iron which is useful to the human body in numerous ways. Iron is very useful for white blood cells and also for boosting up energy. Iron also increases the basic metabolism of proteins.

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