Air Conditioner Brands

Air Conditioner BrandsDuring summer each one of us looks for an option to get fast relief from hot weather. Air conditioners not only help us to get rid of hot weather but they relieve us from humid weather as well. Air conditioners are mainly of 4 types. They are Split AC, window AC, Central AC and portable AC.  Investment done in AC is quite a huge amount so it is important to choose the best one from the market. There are many brands of air conditioners in the market and we compare the features like cooling, power consumption, filtering function, cost, warranty etc to buy the best one for us. Here are the top 10 brands of air conditioners available in the market.



This Japanese company is known as the leader of air conditioners and is acclaimed throughout the world for manufacturing the most efficient air conditioners. The air conditioners are the best in technology, efficiency, reliability and thereby offer the best value for money to the buyers. They consumer very low power and emit less greenhouse gases.


The air conditioners from LG are well equipped with latest technologies. With its jet cooling system, latest inverter technology and plasma filtration feature it is considered as one of the most energy efficient air conditioner.


This is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditions and has started manufacturing ACs for more than one century.  The air conditioner is very effective with its silver ion filters and carbon deodizer. They protect the users from any harmful bacteria and remove the foul smell from the room.

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It is one of the most reliable brands of Air conditioners. The features that attract the buyers towards Samsun air conditioners are de humidification feature and turbo cleaning. Less consumption of energy is also appreciated by the users.


It is an Indian Multinational Company and has been manufacturing ACs since 1954. The machines are known for their excellent cooling effect and affordable pricing.


Though the company is a Japanese Multinational, it has been supplying air conditioners to almost all countries of the world. The company attracts buyers towards its AC devices because of affordable price.


Blue Star


The company was founded in the year 1943 and has been manufacturing Air conditioners since then. Latest technologies are used in these machines and price is also affordable for the general buyers. The air conditioners from Blue Star are durable and show stunning performance.


Whirlpool is an American Company but is a known name in different types of electronics goods and air conditioning machines are no exception. They boasts auto restart, multi fan speed and self diagnostic features and offer excellent cooling effect.


This is another Indian multinational company that is a known name in the electronics world. Air conditioners from Videocon are known for low power consumption and price and excellent cooling capacity. A digital display included in the machine make it look very attractive.


The company is a Chinese Multinational company and Haier air conditioners are known for their affordability and reliability.

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