Once upon a time, Google was second to Apple App store but not anymore. Google play keeping adding a wide variety of applications for you to choose from. We have compiled a list of the top 10 free apps that you should be using on your Android device:

1. Google Drive

At number 1, we have Google Drive. This app grants you the permission to store all your files at a single place so your job is eased out. You can access files anywhere and can share them with your contacts whenever you like. With this application one can edit Google spreadsheets, view PDFs and scan documents for future keeping.

With this app even without 3G you can access files. Presentations on Google can be viewed with all animations. The Google Drive Android application accesses your pictures, videos etc. and stores them onto Google Drive. Managing files has certainly never been so easy.

2. Instagram

There are over one hundred million users of this application already. The Instagram application is easy to use and is great platform for sharing your witty photographs. Android users can add effects and make their photographs come alive. The app allows you to share these very pictures in a stream; you can follow your friends and +1 their pictures similar to a lie on Facebook.

Instagram lets you follow any one that you like; even celebrities love it. With a click of a button you can share your pictures on Twitter and Facebook. The application is must have for any Android user.


3. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsappAt number 2, we have the WhatsApp Messenger which is a free application which allows you to chat with your friends over 3G/Wi-Fi. WhatsApp helps you to switch over from text messaging to chatting. You can send thousands of messages a day and you won’t be charged a single buck. You can group chat, share pictures and videos with your pals.

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In WhatsApp there is no concept of logging in or out and you don’t have to remember or ask for pins; your address book will do the linking for you. Those friends who have downloaded the App will have their names displayed.


4. Temple Run 2

temple-run-2Temple run2 as an app has redefined gaming on the go. In this edition the graphics are life like and the environment is scarier. With an even bigger ghastly monkey on your tail, run for your life through forests, cliffs and mines as you try to run away with the temple idol.

The game has harder obstacles to mount which makes it all the more exhilarating. With more power-ups, characters and achievements, this game sits on number 3 on our list.

5. Opera Mini web browser

The fastest browser on Android comes for free. The Opera Mini web browser is efficient and miles ahead of all other browsers. This browser is easy to use and saves big buck because of its distinct compression technology. The app has a speed dial which shows pet websites that you visit. The smart page allows you your own persona; space on the World Wide Web. You can get updates from Facebook, twitter almost instantly. The tabs help you to multi task all at once. You can adjust the size of the page to your liking.


6. Angry Birds

Angry birds has grown over the years in terms of popularity. Nobody seems to be getting tired of launching those powerful angry birdies at the green pigs who once upon a time stole their eggs. The app can keep you busy for hours on end. Every single level of the game requires skill and good use of logic. Angry birds now has several add-ons like power-ups. You can boost each bird capability to strike at the pigs and succeed in clearing all the levels. The game also features the king sling, super seeds and the bird-quake to get rid of the pigs.

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7. Tiny Flashlight+ LED App

The Flashlight application comes on our list on the 7th position as an incredibly simple to use application which uses your device’s flash as a torch. The torch light is extremely intense and brightens up the darkness. There are so many widgets to choose from in this application. The screen can also be used to display lights but it drains a lot of battery. The screen light can be used as a colour flashlight and even a strobe flashlight. The strobe’s frequency can be adjusted to your liking. The application has good flashlight support.

8. Truecaller- Caller ID & Block

The Truecaller application is the largest telephone directory in the world. The application instantly shows the identity of the caller and allows the Android user to block calls. The application however does require 3G/ Wi-Fi. The app will protect your any calls form spammers and will add and maintain new numbers to your phonebook. The application connects to your FB or LinkedIn account and gets the latest information about their profiles instantly whenever they try to call you. In one view you can have a glance at all the incoming and outgoing calls and the searches.

9.  AVG Antivirus Security- FREE

This antivirus deals with real time protection and works constantly to prevent theft of information. The AVG Anti Virus FREE for Android fights malware and spyware. The app scans files and media to make sure your device is safe from any harmful malware. The app can kill those tasks which are slowing down the operations on your handheld. The Antivirus can help you locate your lost/stolen phone via Google Maps. The application guards your device from any instances of phishing and can be forced to schedule a daily check or a weekly one as per choice.

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10. Shazam

This application is for those who always seem to recognise a song but don’t know the song title or singer. What Shazam does is listen in for you and tells you which song is being played in no time at all. Not only does this the app will tell you about the song title but it will give the name of the artist and the album title. What is more is that you can stream the lyrics  on the go if you’d like or can even be linked to the You Tube video of the song if you would like to check that out. The best part about this application is that you can use it even when your signal strength is low.

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