Google Play has many games under its hat. For cheapskates who don’t want to spend on games, we have compiled a list for those must have games which don’t cost a hole in your pocket. It can be a tough to keep your cool with the ads in the middle of the game but it is ultimately the best time you can have on your Android phone. We have included puzzle, sports and role-playing games to suit your need.  Here are the top 10 free Android games:

Candy Crush SAGA

Candy Crush SAGAStrikingly similar to Bejewelled, the Candy Crush SAGA allows you to handle two kind of candy and asks of you to match them. So all you have to do is swipe to match, clear and increase your tally of points. For anyone to be a pro at this game, try and set your mind set for bigger matches and score bigger points. Candy Crush SAGA merges Facebook so inviting friends to play is possible.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb RacingAt number nine on our list, we have Hill Climb Racing. Gamers will take to the game instantly, as they play as Newton Bill, an wannabe uphill racer. Keep Newton on track and help him reach the highest of hills. Players should be well aware of the rigid landscapes that you would have to drive through. Your mission is to stop the car from flipping. Do tricks and collect coins to make the most of the bonuses. If you score big, you do get the opportunity to replace your car parts. Change your engine, tires and even your suspension as you pave your way uphill.

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Fruit Ninja

Fruit NinjaAt number 8 on our list, we have the ever so  popular game – Fruit Ninja. Use your fingers to swipe and dice fruits. The game keeps throwing fruits up in the air; use your knife to slice them up and score points. Avoid the bombs but go for the speed bonuses to make the most of a speedy game. If you manage to swing at the bomb, that is it. Game over for you. The game is highly addictive and fiercely competitive. A good game which will keep you busy for long and will make you cringe evry time you slice at the bomb.

Stick Cricket

Stick CricketThe fantasy of playing the game of cricket, batting as Sachin Tendulkar comes to your Android phone. Now you can play cricket and hit the ball out of the stadium. Just bat and bowl with ease as you set up a total and then chase it. Your stick man will do the rest. Get ball by ball updates of the score. The game gives real life feeling of being in a stadium full of cheering fans. It is every cricket lover’s dream come true.

Hardest Game Ever 2

Hardest Game Ever 2If you thought that the HARDEST GAME EVER was tough wait until you check out the sequel. The game is power packed with different modes and has several new features than before. Stop eggs from falling on the floor and you run-around to catch them .The game can intermingle with Facebook so you can brag about your top scores to friends and family.

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Flow Free

Flow FreeLove puzzles? Can’t seem to get enough of them? Flow free makes for the most addictive puzzle game there is. It can keep you busy for hours on end. The app has been a hit with millions all over the world. All you have to do is connect the matching colours with a pipe and keep the free flow. If your pipe overlaps, it will eventually break. So keep an eye out! There are easily a hundred odd levels to choose from and it keeps getting better.

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds SeasonsThe angry birds are celebrating Halloween. That isn’t all. The birds are rejoicing the Chinese moon, St. Patrick’s Day and even Easter. With over 350 levels this game is everybody’s new favourite past time. The challenges are tougher and require you to lunge your birdie directly at the pigs. Try your luck and find golden eggs if you can.

4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 WordThis puzzle game rounds off our top three as one of the most intriguing games created by Lotum. Try to determine what the images have in common as you set sights on 4 random images given to you. Select letters to fill out the dashes. Get coins on every correct answer and guess your way to the next level where the challenge keeps getting better and better.

Paper Toss 2.0

Paper Toss 2Android phone owners are in for a treat with the new edition of the paper toss game. In Paper Toss 2.0 users can flick paper balls and throw them in the bin. User can slide to throw the paper and throw in whichever direction they please. The more paper balls in the bin, the higher the score. More the coins in your kitty! Face the incoming wind coming from the fan as your only challenge. Mind you it isn’t easy.

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Tetris Blitz

Tetris BlitzEA brings to you another one of its master pieces. Tetris Blitz ranks Numero Uno on our list. The game gives you 2minutes to score as high as you can. Unlike the game if Tetris, where each player must control the blocks falling form above, Tetris blitz allows you the option of where you would like to place each on black on your grid. The display bars on either side will fill the screen with the colour once all lines are cleared. When the bars get filled up, FRENZY mode is activated. If you steadily continue to keep the bars clear, the FRENZY mode will still be. Tetris Blitz has power-ups which are added every week which do cost money.

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