With cyber-crime on the rise, all it takes is for one virus to extract all your credit card number or shut your computer for good. Either way it is your loss. Cyber security is the need of the hour. To safeguard your personal information and keep your computer in good shape you need antivirus protection. It is always in your best interest to research about the antivirus you are going to download.
The best of the rest are free for us cheapskates.  As antivirus manufacturers look to make the most of it in 2013, we bring to you the top 10 free antiviruses:

1. Avast! Free Antivirus 8 avast-antivirus

At number one we have Avast! Free Anti-virus 8 which deserves the number one rank on the list for sure. This antivirus program will protect your desktop from all kinds of threat be it from your e-mails, IMs and even your own files. The antispyware engines work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
The heuristic engine manages to pin-point unknown malware that had been found previously. Avast has been involved in the making of this antivirus since 1988 and happens to be one of the most installed anti-virus in the world.

2. AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013 avg-antivirus

The AVG 2013 free product is one of the most sought after soft wares available. This Anti-virus is well equipped to scan e-mails, automatically update and do a whole lot more than conventional antivirus tools. This antispyware works well with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. The install it and forget all about it feature of this anti-virus makes it all the more alluring. It is definitely one of the best antivirus programs available till date

3.  Avira Free Antivirus 2013

Avira-antivirusAt number three, we have the Avira Free Antivirus 2013 keeps viruses, worms and adware at bay. The antimalware program supports Windows 7, Vista and XP. Avira have also manages Avira Free for Linux. This antivirus is easy to use and does require some of your time when it comes to post installation configuration which can be tedious for the impatient.

4.  Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1

Microsoft Security EssentialsLeave it to Microsoft to handle any worries of a possible attack on your computer. This solution will fight against attack on your OS. The antivirus has now been incorporated as an add-on in Windows 8, namely Windows Defender. The antivirus is quick to act and is lightweight. Being closely integrated with your Windows it detects potential virus attacks at impeccable rates. The MSE will do its work without bugging you constantly and that is what makes it a silent force.

5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender AntivirusBitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is one of the most famous antivirus known which makes it to number 4 on our list. The antivirus doesn’t require much of your time to setup and needs just a few resources. This antivirus will not slow down your PC and doesn’t keep bugging you for upgrades to their current offers.
The antivirus supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. The simplicity of Bitdefender is incorporated in its installation and makes it a top contender in the antivirus world.

6. Comodo Antivirus 6

Comodo AntivirusThe Comodo Security Solutions comes out with the Comodo Antivirus 6 which is a fully functioning antivirus that protects your systems from threats. The Comodo Antivirus supports Windows 7 and Windoes Vista.
The Comodo Antivirus 6 makes the most of its Defence+ technology built to assume files of unknown origin to be threats to your PC instead of marking them as safe. This might sound off but Comodo effectively uses this process to its advantage and discards any malicious files silently.

7. Immunet FREE Antivirus 3

Immunet FREE AntivirusThe Immunet FREE antivirus 3 is a free cloud-based antimalware program which is strikingly similar to the Panda Cloud Antivirus. The Immunet FREE antivirus keeps your computer safe from worms, trojans, viruses. It fights trojans and spyware too. The Immunet FREE antivirus works well with Windows 7 and is compatible with Windows Vista and XP too. The only requirement of this antivirus is the Internet. The best part about this antivirus is that you never have to update it. The antivirus is free from any telephone based dependencies. It has the potential to run along with other antivirus tools.

8. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 10

adware-antivirusA rookie in 2013 seems to already be making its mark and how. The spy hunter has all new look to it. The anti-spyware is now a promising antivirus program which looks to fights worms and trojans. The antivirus has one of the most power packed engine and GF VIPRE detection to search and locate places of potential fault. The features on this anti-virus make it a rock strong antispyware for protecting your PC.

9. Panda Cloud Antivirus for 2013

Panda Cloud AntivirusThe Panda Cloud Antivirus is great for personal use. The scanner is soft and updates automatically using cloud techniques’. So you don’t need to worry about updating it ever now and then. The security provided to your system is exceptional. The automatic quarantine feature makes it a bit troublesome. But more often than not, Panda Cloud gets a thumbs-up for its lightness. It is highly effective when it comes to fighting trojans and is without a doubt one of the best antivirus programs available for free.

10. Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus- Free and Full download 2013

Spyware Doctor with Anti-VirusAn anti-virus product fir to round off our top ten, standing tall is the Spyware Doctor with Antivirus which has two powerful engines to protect against unwanted attacks. The Antivirus works round the clock to protect your PC against threats while the antispyware safeguards information from possible theft. The antivirus guards your PC from identity theft too which is a huge plus point for an antivirus that is free. Its automatic proactive features keep it on-guard to fight infections.

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