Coconut water

Coconut waterGenerally, when people face hangover they are tempted to eat junk food in order to giver relax to overworked liver. However, instead of this, in order to prevent hangover it is also better to try snacking for prevention of hangover. Here is the list of some important foods which you can take in order to prevent hangover.


Coconut water

Generally most of sportsperson are advised to take sport drinks in order to hydrate their body and rebalancing their electrolytes however, these soft drinks are generally carbonated and therefore are not good for liver. So, it is better to take something natural like coconut water.


The alcohol do not only deplete the nutrients of our body but also leave our body weak and shaky therefore in such a condition it is not a bad idea to take watermelon since it is high in fructose and is water rich in order to boost hydration.


If you are feeling excessive hangover due to cocktails last night, then ginger is the best option for you.


The boiled, fried or scrambled eggs are considered as one of best hangover the people. This is because the lack of potassium due to alcohol can lead to nausea and weakness in our body which can be easily fulfilled by this food.


The bananas are generally equipped with the two important elements which get depleted after consumption of alcohol which are magnesium and potassium.


One of the best way to beat your hangover is to rehydrate you body and this basically depends on things you eat and what you drink. Therefore, it is important that you should drink soups in an adequate amount in order to beat hangover.

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Due to diuretic effects of the alcohol, our body loses many important vitamins and minerals and this basically happens because of excessive drinking. Therefore, oats are very helpful in this aspect in order to prevent hangover after excessive drinking.

Fruit Juice

If you are feeling queasy and looking for a food which can cure you, the fruit juice is also a good option to prevent yourself from hangover. Moreover, it is also advisable that you should eat fruits with your drinks in order to prevent hangover.


The major reason behind the hangovers is the imbalance in electrolytes and sardines is rich in these types of minerals. Therefore, it can be quite helpful in removal of hangover.


The hangover is also caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B whose levels ate reduced in our body after excessive drinking. The lack of these vitamins can cause various health complications such as depression and anxiety. Vegemite is rich in vitamin B and therefore munching on vegemite can be very helpful in this aspect.





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