SamsungMobile phones have become a must nowadays. Every single person on the planet tends to be seen with at least one mobile phone in their hands. Mobile phones have rapidly become a necessity which were once a luxury. Mobile phones have become the hot topic of everyone. They come in various sizes and shapes according to the whims of the buyer. It is a myth that mobile phones are used for the sole purpose of making an outgoing call; they have been improved vastly nowadays fulfilling almost each and every want and need of the buyer from video games to cooking instruction software. The implementing of internet to the mobile phone brought wonders to the mobile phone drastically within a decade time span. The following are various phones according to their rank in demand, efficiency and quality.

According to the ranks, mobile phones are given below –



This is the name of the company which has the highest demand of the customers all over the world. It has gained its fame for the android OS Smartphone’s which are available for very reasonable prices which is affordable by almost everyone. Samsung phones have revolutionized the international markets as it offers quality, quantity and meets up to every demand of the customer by providing brilliant software known as the pay store from where all downloads are made possible.


Nokia remains undoubtedly best in producing a number of mobile phones and has stood strongly in international markets as the highest producer of mobile phones for the past two decades. It has earned revenue of over $38 billion dollars which surpasses all other brands drastically.

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Apple has bought a whole new meaning to touch phones its remarkable touch sensitivity has bought huge fame to the brand. Although it is not affordable all but the number of customers opting for apple phones is commendable. For this whole have various other uses with the phone other than general applications should opt for this phone. It is known for providing as highly virus safe software for the phone.


Zte stands in the third position and is basically a china based production. It is the biggest telecommunication companies in the world but still stands in the third position due to its lack of proper marketing throughout the world, but still the mobile phone is available in Australia, USA, Germany and few other countries of the world.they are the most affordabl0 phone so far in the list.


Lg is the popular brand in almost all the continents of the the production of the phones is markedly very high this brand is very trusted among the customers which helps it secure its significant share in the international market.


Huawei is also a china base telecommunication company and its global reach is up to 140 countries or more.the worldwide marketing of the brand has brought great demand for the mobile phones of this brand and hence stands in the number 7th position in the list.


It is worldwide 8th best mobile phone brand. It is a trusted brand and enjoys its strong position in international markets.


Htc is the fastest growing brand worldwide. The graphics, applications and the battery life of the mobile phones are brilliant and very satisfactory to the customer.they are available for very reasonable prices.

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The mobile phones are highly appreciated by the customers as they are user friendly but due to higher competition it could not sustain its position in the international markets and hence this brand falls in the 10th position in our list.

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