There are a large number of places which you can visit in London. However, if you are planning your next vacation in London then it is important that you should know about the best places which you can visit London. Here is the list of top ten places where you can go in your vacation in London.

  • British Museum

The British museum is world famous in the world since it exhibits works of human being from the prehistoric to the modern times. The highlights of the museum also include partheon sculptures, mummies of Ancient Egypt and Rosetta stone. The entry in this museum is available at zero cost.

  • Tate modern

Sitting grandly on bank of river Thames is Tate Modern. The unique shape of Tate modern is because previously it was a power station. Inside this you will find temporary exhibitions from the top artists. Moreover, it also offers a fabulous view of the city.

  • National gallery

It is also considered as crowning glory of the Trafalgar square which is filled with European and western paintings of thirteenth and nineteenth centuries respectively.  In this art gallery you will find the work of some of legends of our history such as da Vinci, Van Gogh, Titan, Renoir and Stubbs.

  • National history museum

If you are the individual who is interested in the history of wildlife, then this is the right place for you. The national history museum boasts for the collection of rarest, tallest and biggest animals for instance forty million year old spider, large sized blue whale.

  • London eye
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The London eye is considered as one of the major features of London skyline. It is very popular in all over the world since it is the highest observation wheel which is well equipped with thirty two capsules and each of them weighing approximately ten tonnes and having capacity to hold twenty five people.

  • Science museum

If you are the individual who is interested in science, then you should visit Science Museum. In this place you can find the answer of every question related to Science known till know.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum celebrates art as well design with approximately 3,000 years of wonderful artefacts from various parts of the world.

  • Madame Tussauds

At this place you will have a chance to come face to face to one of the most popular celebrities. These statues are so real that you will not be able to differentiate in first sight.

  • Royal Museums Greenwich

This museum is basically world’s largest maritime museum and is also the historic home of Queen and royal observatory Greenwich.

  • Tower of London

It is also one of the attractive historic places to visit in London when you are a trip to London. It is important that you should not miss this place since at this place you will discover 900 years old history of royal palace.

These are some of the places which you should not miss when you are planning your vacation to London.

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