New York is obviously one of the populous cities of the world and it also has a rich culture. There are a large numbers of visitors who come to New York to spend their vacations. However, if you are also planning your vacation in New York then it is important that you should know the top attractions of this place. Here are the top ten lists of the places which you should not miss in New York when you are on a trip to New York.

Empire state building

Your visit to New York will be incomplete if you miss this spot. It is one of the most popular places among the tourist because of its excellent design and architecture. It if approximately one thousand feet tall and is open for the visitors whole year.

Statue of liberty

It is also one of the well known monuments of New York and it basically represents freedom. If you are visiting New York, you should really visit this place at least once.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Elis island, portal from where a large numbers of immigrants entered to the United States is also a worth visiting place for an individual. This museum is spread over an extensive area.

Museum of the natural history

If you are the individual who is even little bit interested in history, then this is an ideal place for you. In the American Museum of natural history you can find thirty two million specimens which await exploration.

Central park

The central park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. This Park is also home vibrant flora as well as hidden histories. If you want to explore the place you can rent bike for 2 hours and after that you can go alone for $20.

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West village stroll

This neighbourhood of the quaint brownstones which clustered in tree-lined cobblestones remains virtually un-changed since 19th century. It has a great historical importance. It is one of some areas of Manhattan which strays from orderly street grid.

Film forum

If you are really interested in movies, then you should really visit Film forum. Here you will find some of the great old movies about which you only read some newspapers or books.

Museum of modern art

The museums shows the prefect art highlight of modern as well as contemporary art. Here you can find a wide range of sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and architectural renderings.

Metropolitan museum of art

This museum sometimes is also called simply as MET. However, this museum offers unparallel view of this world. It has a wide range of collections which also includes the Asian, European, Roman and Greek sculptures and paintings.

Times Square

It is located in the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. You will always find the streets of this place busy. On the eve of New Year a large numbers of people come to this place to swarm the square.

These are some of the places which you should visit in New York.

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