WatchThe time in which time was invented or our existence began may not have seen watches but certainly the discovery of watches is as old as the times when time began to be measured. Watches were basically discovered to measure time in seconds, minutes or hours to be able to manage time more efficiently and to be able to exercise control over time.

Watches in old times may just have been a measuring tool meant to measure time but as the world has witnessed profound advancement and modernization watches now in addition to showing you the right time have also become a style statement that people go boasting about. Now there are wrist watches and wrist watches of all styles, colours and prices. A lavish wrist watch may cost even in lakhs. So, here we have a look at the most lavish and extravagant wrist watch brands –


This is certainly a brand that is much talked about and the paramount of all when a discussion goes on to watches. Everyone has that desire of owing a Rolex wrist watch and why not it is certainly the best style statement when it comes to watches. Rolex offers a 100 metre resistance. The brand has its headquarters in Geneva and Switzerland and is sold in most of the European countries, US, Canada and Southeast.


Citizen Eco Drive

This brand has watches to go with style statements of people of each class. The watches are simple yet astonishing. The highlight lies in the fact that the battery is charged by solar energy through a panel under the watch.

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Originated in the year 1999 Casio has watches which are extravagant. Casio too has watches for all classes of people and of all sorts of tastes. A Casio watch on your wrist can make your personality stand apart.



This is a lavish Analog-Digital watch brand which has on offer some exotic and appealing watches. Diesel has watches that are just perfect for decorum purposes. This brand was established in 1978.


Gucci Designer Watch

Gucci is a much talked about brand. It has watches that are sober yet elite. This Italian brand was founded in 1921. Gucci uses expensive elements like gold, stainless steel diamond and sapphire in its watches which makes them lavish.



This is a brand admired by almost all wearers of wrist watches. The wide range designs are meant to suit people of all classes and tastes. The brand is as old as a century and six decades hence highly popular.



This brands belongs to Switzerland. These watches have luminous lights and are specially targeted at the government officials like Air Force etc having a water resistance of 200 metres.


Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a French brand that aims at making watches that are affordable and suitable to people of various standards. The watches are available in both digital and analog time display with dual dials. The watches display a perfect blend of cost effectiveness and style.



It’s a Japanese women watch brand that offers some highly lavish and exotic designs adding to a women’s beauty and personality. The Brand offers 5BAR water resistance and some extra features. The brand was established in 1970 and is available with both analog and digital metres.

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Jet set

This brand offers watches with highly efficient functionality and immensely stylish designs. These watches are popular amongst all genders and standards of people. This brand hails from America.

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