TensionWe are living in modern world in which advanced technology has made everything simple. Also, majority of diseases can be cured easily that is also a gift of advancement in technology. However, our technology has become so much advanced but we are still depends upon natural remedies; its main reason is useful and no side effects of natural remedies. There are no exact medicines by which an individual can get rid of tension with the help of medicine without using natural techniques. If you are suffering from the stress problems and wants to gain sufficient knowledge about tips by which you can keep yourself free form tension then you have selected the right content.


How to deal with tension:

Green Tea

Green tea has been very popular over many years for the treatment of stress. It provide you the feel of relax and fresh. To get rid of stress quickly, you should take 2 or 3 cups of green tea daily after every meal.


You should do exercise daily, it will help you providing the feel of relax and free of tension. Yoga and exercise is the best treatment for the stress or depression problems by which an individual can get rid of stress. Yoga and exercise is also very helpful on maintaining the control on mind.

Walking and running

You should go for a long walk or running in evening or morning. This will keep your fresh and free from all type worries. Running or walking strengthens the body and provide the energy to body.

How to Tie a Tie

Self Hypnosis

It provides relaxing and simple route to different challenges and provide you the feel of relax. It is considered as one of the best treatment for the releasing of stress.


You should not pressure on your mind and never think about bad things or negative things. Thinking about any bad or enemies put a pressure on mind so you should control your mind and try to keep yourself busy with other activities.

Laughing & Fun

Fun and laughing are very helpful in relieving tension. You should keep watching funny, comedy and stupid movies so that you can laugh more and more in a day. Try to be funny; it will surely help you getting rid of tension or stress.


You should take participate in different games indoor as well as outdoor games to remain tension free. You can have a lot of fun and good time pass with your friends while playing.

Balanced Food

Avoid taking oily and dairy products. You should take a balanced diet to make sure that you are mentally healthy and fit.

Alcohol & Drugs

Drugs, alcohol and smoking are the bad activities and these increase the stress problems so one should keep distance from these.


You should make a plan and settle a timing how you have to work and how to finish work effectively without having any tension. Never try to do lot of work as it can increase stress on your mind.

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