HeightHeight has always been the matter of concern as it plays an important role in the personality of both men and women. Low height people has to face always problem when they have to talk with taller people; they feel lack in confidence level. According, to surveys it has been found that height depends upon genes, proper exercise and balanced food.

If you are suffering from your small height then you should read this article to get idea what you should eat to increase your height and growth of your body.


Best food and food products for increasing height:


Milk contains good amount of calcium which is good for height. Milk is considered as the best for the maintenance of strong bones and growth in height. Besides, it is also the good source of vitamin A. To get growth in height and body, 2 to 3 glass should be consumed in a day.

Dairy foods

Dairy products are also good for the growth in height. Not all the dairy products are good; there are some dairy products like cheese, whipping cream, ice cream, Yoghurt etc. These dairy products contain vitamin A, B, D & E and also contain good amount of calcium and proteins.     

Vegetables & fruits

In increasing height, vegetables and fruits play an important role as these are considered as best sources of fibre, folates, vitamins and potassium. These sources contain Vitamin A which is considered as best for the growth and height of the body.


Beef also contains good amount of proteins which can help increasing height effectively. But it contains more fats so you should avoid eating beef more.

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Chicken is considered as one of the best sources of proteins among all the animal meats. It helps in building new muscles and tissues by which an individual can get increase in height.  

Grains and Starches

These are good sources of the energy in body. These provide fibre, iron, magnesium, selenium and vitamin B which are helpful in providing increase height as well as other parts growth.

Running, walking and exercise

By doing one of these activities you can get numbers of benefits. These are not only helpful in increasing height but these are also helpful in providing you healthy body. So you can select one, two or all these activities to get best outcomes.


These are also good source of the proteins so you can consume 3 to 5 eggs daily to increase your height. Actually, eggs contain Vitamin B which is helpful in increasing the height of any individual.


Soybeans are considered as highest proteins containing vegetables or beans which improve tissue mass, bone health, height and growth of other body parts. It is also a good source of energy.


Oatmeal is a rally a good source of proteins which help in boosting the muscle mass and decrease the extra fats in body. One should take 50 gm oatmeal in breakfast daily.

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