german-dogMaximum people in the society prefer to keep pet dogs at home. Some wishes to get dogs as they like their presence at home where as other had an intention to get them for safety. Dogs are the best friends of human beings as they are really loyal towards their master and regards human being as their own family.

According to history, one of the main tasks of the domestic dogs is to protect their master during any difficult situation. If a stranger or any harmful objects try to enter the premise of your home, your domestic dog will protect you with an alert of bark.

You may find many species of dog. Behavior and attitude of each dog would be different in this case. There is a good difference of the physical strength, temperament, loyalty and courage level of dogs.

Top 10 breeds of Guard Dogs are:

Doberman pinscher

Many people have large piece of property but no one to live in it. Doberman pinscher plays a wonderful role in guarding such property. Since they are really fast in their action, it is quite easy to reach the intruder. Doberman are generally fearless, loyal and alert.


This breed of guard dog has a good physical strength. They are very famous for their courageous mind, physical strength, protection instinct and loyalty towards the family. The enemy will be blocked with their courageous attitude and physical strength.


This is originally known as the cattle protecting dog. They are one of the most intelligent breed and are really very loyal towards their family. But these dogs remain aloof the strangers. But, they are also very quick learners.

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These dogs are generally having suspicious nature. Even if there is nothing to get so tensed, they will bark to make their master overcautious. But they are also very smart and are good in the activities like running, hiking etc,


This is a traditional dog that is used to protect the herd of sheep. They always have an ability of a natural guard dog. This breed generally has its dignity and strength. This breed can also be proved to be a devoted family pet if they can be properly trained and socialized.

Giant Schnauzer

They are one among the long and powerful dog that requires strict training. The trainer has to provide the breed with constant attention with a lot of metal and physical stimulation.

Rhodesian Ridgeback 

These are really very powerful dogs as they can even hunt lions. They have a strong drive towards prey and are really very independent in nature. They are used in the form of a natural watch dog.

German shepherd 

This is another breed of bold, fearless and confident dogs. They are also very intelligent as they can understand and obey the command really well. Thus, police use these dogs to catch the murderer.

Staffordshire terrier

This is probably a breed which created for the beer and bull fight.


This breed is among the territorial breed that also have a very strong instinct to guard family and home.

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