android-pictureAndroid has played an instrumental role in creating impression in the global markets and taken everybody by stride. The comprehensive operating system is packed with advanced features, making it the most demanding in the smart phones category. The new world in which we live is become more complex than simple. No matter what type of smartphone you buy, there are always advanced but complex features which just make things go out of the place. But not with the Android enabled smart phones!

Now, you have good 10 reasons for buying Android Phone instead of going for Windows Phone OS, Blackberry 10 or anything else!

Reason#10 – Android Offers Users Extra Space

Android uses extended storage and flash memory cards and this is the reason that you will never have any problem with the space. When their extra space, it is obvious that the users will be able to keep lot of usable data and this usable data can be put to use just any time and anywhere. BlackBerry and iPhone will just not do it in this way.

Reason#9 – Enhanced Viewing Capability

Users of Android Phones will always get the enhanced viewing capabilities. There is extremely larger display and viewing goods or any other products would become easy and comfortable too. With enhanced viewing capabilities comes the quality picture. There is absolutely no compromise of any kind made.

Reason#8 – Overtly Interactive OS

Android is an open source operating system and every developer can easily create the applications which are unique and exclusive and make the process of communication pretty cool. Compare your Android with iOS. In the iOS, it is the Apple which takes on the complete responsibility to develop the source code. The best thing to note is that Google’s Android can allow quick download of applications from different types of resources around.

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Reason#7 – Cool & Flexible Typing Options

Android brings with it amazingly cool and diversified typing options. Users who have plenty of typing work consider Android to be the boon for them. If you are using iPhone and try typing, you will find the real problems coming around.

Reason#6 – Enhanced Screen Size

Android OS is designed for the large screen view and immensely greater viewing experience. The best thing to note is that you can easily connect your SmartPhone with High Definition Television through the use of High Definition Multimedia Interface cable.  What’s more, you can enjoy the thrill and chill of watching the movies right out there on the TV.

Reason#5 – Android is the Stable OS

If your Smartphone is not stable, you will not be able to communicate at all. Android Smartphones are packed with immense stability and balance and this eventually provides some of the great options around. It is beyond doubt that Android is more stable than the iOS and this is where the real difference is created at the end of day.  With the stable operating system used, Android can easily manage volumes of data and above all the data is easily available for use by the user.

Reason#4 – Androids are Bespok

Customized design and functionalities are the trade mark of Androids, but if you anyhow find these trademarks missing obviously, you will not be buying the Android but something else. Increasing number of Smart Phone lovers are just using the Androids to make the difference. It is this very difference, which has made Android Phones to be on the top of everything.

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Reason#3 – Superb and Customized tools

There are several types of customized widgets tools available which will help you to turn your business into a successful venture and all the more you will have huge business prospect. With the help of the widgets, it would become quite easy to find that there are cool displays which actually make communication easy. Android is certainly one of the best options around, which can really make the things work and you get amazingly soothing options around. There are plenty of widgets available that can work according to your will and helps in streamlining the entre communication process.

Reason#2 – Great Hardware Options

Android offers flexible hardware options to the users. Whether your mobile is fitted with low end processor or a state of the art processor, androids are always there to make the difference to the communication.  Having cool hardware options in Android phones again make them the choice of millions and they will be superior by every means. In short, Android mobile phones were simply created for music lovers, advanced online gamers and just for everybody down the line.

Reason#1 – Practical and Amazing voice Command Applications

Android-VoiceThe built in voice command application integrated in Android has made everything pretty easy as the user can easily give the commands by talking instead of typing. Isn’t this an easy thing to do? Android is the smart OS which will understand every bit of your voice and executes the necessary actions.  All you need to do is just talk and leave the rest in Android. It will do everything for you.

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Now you need to think about buying the Android phone for your personal or professional choice. It is the time that you start searching for the quality Android phone which will ultimately add the quality and magic in your life and ease the process of communication. Remember, the Android enabled phones are making your lives easy and meaningful and keeping you always connected.

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