top 10 salwar kameez neck designs of 2014

Latest Suit neck designs of 2016

A Salwar kameez and kurti are traditional dresses of women from the northern part of India and Pakistan. These are beautiful dresses and look elegant on a woman. Women can carry this off in the most comfortable manner. The kameez and the kurti are upper body garments. The neckline is an important part of these garments. Many stylish designs have made their arrival. We shall have a brief discussion of the top ten Salwar kameez and kurti neck designs of 2016.

1# Deep Round neck

If the dress material is of heavy work, it is suggested to have a simple neck line. This type of neck gives you your neck a more classy & sensual look at the same time.

Indian Punjabi women prefer the deep round neck on their kurtis and kameez. Indian women are not that tall. This particular neckline is perfect for women of medium height. Tall women usually avoid this neckline. You can add a dash of embroidery work to the neck and make it elegant. You can also include the same embroidery designs on the lower part of your sleeves. This gives a perfect match. This neckline is classy and at the same time trendy too. Women generally love this design very much.

deep neck

2# Rectangular neck

If the dress material is simple with broad borders, try out this type of neck. It gives a volume to your neck yet maintains the simplicity of your kurti or kameez.

This gives an ultra modern look to the apparel. The neck is neither too deep nor high. It is the perfect design for women of all ages. This neckline looks good on all fabrics too. This elegant and stylish design is in great demand in the central parts as well as the southern parts of India. This design suits women who have square shoulders and an above average bust line. You can wear your favorite pieces of jewelry and look stunning too.

rectangular neck

3# Collared jacketed neck

If you are craving for tryng out something different but you are afaraid whether it will work out or not. Go for this type of neck design & be assured of lot of compliments.

This is a trendy design favored by young girls. It lends them a special feeling of youth. The beautiful jacketed look adds to the fashionable feel. You can add a dash of embroidery to the entire collar to make it look exquisite. This is a perfect type of kurti to w ear for celebrations. It can go with any kind of Salwar. You are sure to make heads turn whenever you step out in this stylish kurti. Such is the feel it gives.

collared jacketed neck

4# Diagonally cut neck

This type of neck is one amoungst the “old is gold” types. You should generally go for this neck if you have a simple small print dress material.

This is a simple design. It has come back into fashion today. It used to be a trendsetter design a couple of decades ago. You should use this diagonally cut neck when you do not have too much of prints on the Kurti. You can enhance the neckline by adding some embroidery designs. You can have a color contrast too. It would look fine on this type of a neckline. This design is also a favorite among the young girls today.

diagnally cut neck

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5# U-jacketed neck

If your dress material is of twin vibrant colours, try this neck in contrast. As in make a U-shaped jacket of the colour of your pajami & look gorgeous in any of your marriage event.

This is a design that favors multicolored kurtis. You can have the jacket neckline of a different color. It looks great to have contrasting colors on the kurti. You can have the lower garment of the same color as that of the jacket for matching purposes. This type of neckline looks stunning on young college going girls as they can match this neckline with a sleeveless kurti. This is a stupendous combination.

u-jacketed neck

6# Nehru collar neck

If you want to play safe, this is one of its best kinds. The most simple, elegant, & no skin show type. Whenever you are thinking of stitching your material for some official purpose, go for it.

This design takes the name from India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He was a stylish man who wore the best designer kurtas ever. He made this design simply his own. It has become a craze in many parts of the Indian subcontinent to copy his style of clothing. This is a stunningly beautiful design, which can display the curves exquisitely. This is quite a formal wear design and can adorn even boardrooms of corporate offices. The collar covers the base of the neck and is usually of a contrasting color.

nehru collar neck

7# Square neck

This type of works best with small prints & medium border. Team it  up with mega sleaves or sleaveless to make it look even better.

This type of neckline can look good on women with broad shoulders. It enhances the looks fantastically. It is also a popular type of neckline when you have small prints throughout. You can have a laced base along with matching straps over the shoulders. You can make your choice from a sleeveless to a full sleeve kurti. Both look stunning from the point of view of a spectator. Such type of necklines usually adorns the women from the southern part of India. They have broad shoulders.

square neck

8# Bib neck

If you want to look all the more traditinal, try out this style of neck.

This type of neckline is the favorite of women with a thin body composition. Such dresses suit young girls more than the older women. This neckline is the perfect blend of tradition and trend. This design has become a sort of a fashion statement today. This cool looking design has the ability to make heads turn. The beauty of this design is such that this design can look stunning with any type of kurti fabric. This neckline looks good with half sleeves instead of full ones.

bib neck

9# Deep-V

If you have a boring dress material with very broad border & you want to give a very sensual look, Deep-V neck is your solution.

This is a trendy design which has a lot of sensuality attached to it. This deep V cut can reveal the curves to a certain extent. Hence, this design is more popular among the young unmarried women rather than the older married women. The sleeveless kurti adds to the sensuality factor. You cannot have this type of neck on kurtis with big designs as the design may be mutilated. Kurtis with no designs or small designs suit this neck style the best. Young women can wear this neckline and send the right signals to their partners to indulge in a bit of fun.

deep-v neck

10# Pan neck

Again one amoungst old styles is Pan style neck. Everyone should have atleast one kurta with such kind of neck to complete your wardrobe collection.

This is an old design making a tremendous comeback to fashion today. You can add a bit of style by enhancing the center portion to pan out over the entire chest. This is a stylish version of the old-fashioned pan neck kurti. This is very popular throughout India. It has a pan India appeal. This trendy bit of fashion wear complements the modern day woman in her attempts at wooing the world.

pan neck

The list doesn’ end here. Here are some more neck designs. Choose as per your choice, body type and dress material. Go and look FABULOUS!!!

Be beautiful ladies….

top 10 salwar kameez neck designs of 2014

top 10 salwar kameez neck designs of 2014

top 10 salwar kameez neck designs of 2014

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