Nosferatu the Vampire

Nosferatu the VampireToday, there are a large number of people who love movies. However, most of them are the biggest fans fans of Vampire movies. If you are also one of them, then you might be looking for the best vampire movies of all times. Here is the list of top ten vampire movies –


‘Nosferatu the Vampire

This movie was released in 1922 and became very popular in a very small time. This movie featured the creepiest vampire and rumours at that time which circulated were that strange looking Schreck was a real vampire which further gave inspiration to movie Shadow of vampire.

‘Cronos’ (1993)

This movie introduced Guillermo del Toro to the world and nobody knows to do horror/fantasy movie better than him. This is actually a Mexican movie which easily made its way to criterion collection.

Martin, 1977

This is also one of the popular Vampire movies which gained huge popularity among the people some time ago. It is a story of a boy who believed that he was a vampire even when he did not have any of vampire powers however he couldn’t stop himself from sucking blood.

Blade, 1998

This movie is based on the Marvels comic superhero ‘Blade’ who is half human and half vampire. However, here the interesting fact is that Blade hates vampires and hunts them. He has all the powers of vampires but none of their weaknesses.

Lost boys, 1987

Never die, never grow old, Sleep all the day and party all night. It is fun being a vampire, that’s all this movie says. However, these teens also have to face some of challenges in their vampire life and overcome them.

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‘Let the Right One In’

This is a movie of Sweden with simple story however very impressive. Here we are talking about the teen vampires. This movie has revealed sympathy for a monster as well as the poetic sense; however the movie was also able to deliver gore.

Van Helsing

This is also one of the fantastic Vampire movies which left its mark on the people. The story line up of this movie is excellent and in addition to this you can also see a lot of action in this movie.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The main reason behind the popularity of this movie was its different concept. This movie was able to pasteurize the terror of Dracula and at the same time it also showed love of a vampire for a lady.

Dark Lord

Due to its great music and some of the best performances by its actors took this movie to the top list of vampire movies. Moreover, it is also considered as the best picture for the costume design.

Abraham Lincoln: The vampire hunter

This is one of the recently released vampire movies, however the movie with best performances. Additionally, if you are patient enough you can also see some serious action in this movie.

If you really love vampire movie, then you should really not miss these vampire movies.

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