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Best beauty tips to make you naturally beautiful

1. Treat with tomato

tomato facemask

Smash a brand new tomato and blend it. Rinse completely with water.

Besides being nature’s own exfoliating agent, this combination can also be a deep skin cleanser which brings a fresh and lively glow in your face and helps remove oiliness.


2.Give a juicy treat to your face


Apple juice, pineapple juice and lemon juice are great treatments for preventing wrinkles when applied. Make a concoction of a tablespoon each of the newly expressed juice apply on the face and leave on for a quarter hour. Rinse completely. Astringent properties and the light bleaching will keep your face radiant.


3. Nourish with egg to avoid wrinckles.

egg facemask

For oily skin – apply egg white

For dry skin – apply egg yolk.

Keep the mix on the face for around a quarter-hour and after that rinse. And they shrink and minimize the wrinckles.


4. Secret tip for pink radiance

leg elevation for radiant face

Here is a secret not many ‘beauty specialists’ will let you know. Place a high stool at the border (the bed should not be higher than it) and put your legs on the stool to ensure they’re elevated in the body. Hold this position provided that your body can be held by it. This helps run the blood to the top half of the body and gives ur face an immediate pink glow to continue till evening.


5.Creamy complexion

malai facemask

If you want a minute glow on your face and don’t want to run into a beauty parlour. Take fresh cream i.e malai and apply it on ur face. Besides softening the skin it banish dryness and will allow it to be damp. Facial
blood flow in addition to removes dead cells, leaves a creamy complexion to it.

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6. Condition your hair naturally

banana hairmask

Rub in a paste of tomato, banana, cucumber and curd one hour before bathroom. It is an all-natural conditioner and once you shampooed and have rinsed the major difference will be noticed by you. Your hair is not going to only appear silken and glossy but will bristle complement the gleam in your skin.


7. Removing blackheads


Blackheads are the most irritating problem of our body. The natural method to banish blackheads would be to make a spread of one teaspoon dahi (curd) and one tablespoon kali mirch (pepper). Apply and then rinse completely for after 15mins.


8. Fruits to increase your attractiveness

fruit facemask

It is an extremely popular treatment at most top spas. Mash a papita (papaya) and add a tbsp of green grapes’ pulp. It’s a tightening effect and can be readily washed off. Rinse completely for an appearance that is glowing.


9. Peacefull sleep

peacefull sleep

That is a direct connection between a radiant skin and peaceful sleep. A healthy sleep of seven to eight hours is significant as face muscles are significantly relaxed by it. Also, skin cells often regenerate double as quickly when you’re sleeping.


10. Treat your eyes with cucumber

Cucumber for Eyes

Eyes are as much part of attractiveness as hair and the face. Soothe tired eyes by lightly applying kheera (cucumber) pieces on shut eyelids.

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