Berlin Zoological garden

Berlin Zoological gardenIf you want to visit world’s best zoos then you should read this content because in this content name of those zoos are listed which are most popular all over the world. In almost all major countries, you can find best zoos.  Zoos have always been popular among people who love to see different animals.


Best zoos in world:

Berlin Zoological garden:

It was established in 1844 & is oldest zoo in Germany. It is located in Berlin’s Tiergarten and is home to 19,500 total animals and 1500 different species. Over three million people come every year to visit this zoo.

Columbus zoo & aquarium:

It is one of the most popular all over the world and is situated in Powell, Ohio. It has been named as first zoo in US on multiple occasions. This zoo is home to different 793 species and about 9000 animals.

Toronto Zoo:

This zoo is based in Toronto (Canada) & is opened in 1974 as metropolitan zoo. As a largest zoo in Canada include 491 species animals and is divided in 7 regions. In this zoo, you can find various animals all over the world.

Beijing Zoo:

It is based in Beijing and was created in 1906 during Late Qing Dynasty. It is home to large number of animals in China and is extended over 219 acres. In this zoo, there are about 950 different species and is well known for the animals who are rarely found these days.

Henry Doorly Zoo & aquarium:

This zoo is situated in Omaha. It was founded in 1864 & is extended over 130 acres. It is home to different 962 species of animals. Every year millions of people visit this zoo to see different animals and largest cat complex.

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Moscow Zoo:

 It was built in 1864 and is spread over 53 acres. This zoo is house to 927 different animal species and more than 600 animals.

Nationals Zoo of South Africa:

 It is situated in Pretoria and is extended over 210 acres. In this zoo, there are 705 species and more than 900 animals.

Bronx zoo:

It is situated in Bronx, New York. It is one of the oldest metropolitan zoos and is home to 650 different species and 400 animals.

London zoo:

It is also one of the oldest zoos. It was built in 1828 for the scientific reasons. In starting it was not open for public but after 1847 people got the authority to visit. Now it is home 755 different animal species and 16000 animals.

San Diego Zoo:

This zoo is located in San Diego and extended over 10 acres. San Diego zoo is house to 650 different species and around 3700 animals.

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