OhioThe people who love wildlife are always in search in the best zoos in the world. There are a wide range of options which are available for an individual when you are searching it in USA. It is very important that you should have a complete knowledge of these zoos. Here is the list of ten zoos in USA.


Columbus zoo, Ohio

This is one of the most popular zoos of America. This zoo is open continuously from the year of 10927 and is run under the strict supervision of Jack Hanna, who is one of well known animal experts. Under her guidance the quality of this zoo has been elevated to considerable level.

San Diego Zoo, California

The San Diageo zoo is well known among the people for its variety as well as the commitment for protection and conservation of animals. It is also well known as America’s modern zoological park.

Lion Country Safari, Florida

This zoo is well known for safaris. If you are the individual who like to experience the beauty of nature more closely, then this place is the best option for you. However, when you are going it is also important that you should take an individual with you who knows the place well.

Phoenix Zoo, Arizona

The phoenix zoo is one of the largest non profit zoos of United States of America; it is the best location for your vacation especially for the people who enjoy laidback afternoon. This zoo is extended up to 125 acres and is home of more than 1200 animals.

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Fort worth Zoo, Texas

This zoo is one of the oldest zoos of America and was opened in 1909.  Here you can learn about the diverse wildlife and nature.

Houston Zoo, Texas

This is also one of the most popular zoos in America where you can see the wildlife more closely and is located in Texas. Additionally, it can also be very educational for your children.

Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio

This zoo is well known among the people for its wide collection of the endangered species as well as plants.  This zoo is open since 1875 and is the oldest zoo of America.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando Florida

This park is extended over 500 acres of land and is home of more than 1700 hundred species of animals. It also provides excellent features when you are planning for safari tour of this zoo.

Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania

If you are planning your next vacation with your family, then it is important that you should include this option. This zoo is home of more than 1300 species of animals and birds.

Audubon Zoo, Louisiana

This zoo is also well known for the charming mix of old and new. It is the home of diverse species of animals.




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