The apple or Malus domestica is a pomaceous fruit of the Rosaceae family and is also one of the most widely cultivated fruit tree in the world. These small and deciduous trees actually originated in the Western Asia and Europe and were taken to America by the European colonialist. The genome of the fruit was decoded in the year 2010 that provides a lot of knowledge about its disease control ability and has also led to selective breeding regarding its production. China is the largest producer of apples in the world followed by the USA and Iran.

apple-juiceThough the ripe fruit is eaten raw in most part of the world but they can also be consumed in a number of other ways and are a very important ingredient in savory as well as sweet dishes. Apple flavour is often used in a number of baked dishes like cakes, pies and breads and is also great in combination with custard and pudding. Moreover apples are extremely delicious when cooked on their own and retains its shape and flavour even after heating. One of the other most consumed forms is Apple Juice.

When it comes to storing and preserving apple juice, the best possible way is to keep them within a freezer where the temperature hovers just above the freezing point because though apples like cold extremely low temperature can really ruin the fruits pretty quickly. In order to keep the juice fresh for a long time must not be mixed with other fruits and must be kept in a segregated manner inside the refrigerator. However, it is best to take out fresh juice everytime to quench your thirst of a healthy drink.

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There are a wide number of benefits associated with consumption of apple juice and almost everybody relishes its refreshingly unique flavour and taste. The most important health and beauty benefits associated with apples are as follows:

Improves Brain Functioning

They can help the brain to function in a better and more efficient way and also helps to keep the mind sharper. It also helps in maintaining an optimum level of acetylcholine in human brain. Acetylcholine is an important chemical that empowers the functioning of the brain and helps boost the memory power. Regular consumption of apple juice leaves a positive impact on the neurons and the nerve cells and this in turn helps improve the brain functioning. In short, the juice takes care of healthy functioning of the human brain.

Serves as an Anti-Cancer Solution

Apple juice is the natural anti-cancer solution and has a very definite and prominent anti-carcinogenic effect. The bio-chemicals like the flavonoids and the triterpenoids are considered as responsible for the anti-cancer quality of the fruit used for extracting the juice.


Regulates the Functioning of the Digestive System

The soluble fiber plays a vital role in regulating the function of the digestive system and helps to retard the rate of sugar consumption by the body. This can also be helpful to manage and prevent diabetes that may often lead to a number of other critical heart conditions.

Monitors the Functioning of Kidney and Liver

Apple juice helps eliminate harmful toxins from the body and enhance the functioning of the intestines, kidneys and liver. The juice contains cider vinegar that helps to flush all the toxins from the body and also helps in cleansing of the liver and kidney. This eventually supports normal functioning of the liver and kidney and prevents all kind of diseases affecting the organs.

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Manages Cholesterol Level

Apple Juice is the best antidote to manage the cholesterol level in blood and is also one of the strongest natural antioxidants that can effectively reduce the toxic nature of the cholesterol deposits inside the blood vessels. The risk of heart attacks and heart diseases reduces dramatically with regular consumption of apple juice as it lowers bad cholesterol and helps improve the cardiovascular health of a person.

Aids in Weight Loss

Apple juice helps in weight loss. It is believed to be a rich source of iron and Vitamin C that together increases the energy level. Of course when energy level is high, the food consumption is reduced because the feeling of empty stomach gets over.

Prevents Lung Infections

Apple juice contains the highest amount of flavonoid that plays an integral role in treating and preventing lung infections, asthma attacks and other lung diseases. At the time of flu, fever, cold, cough or viral infection, apple juice is the best antidote for quick relief.

Acts as a Blood Purifier

Apple juice is also tagged to be a good blood purifier. This helps in keeping all the germs and toxins away from human body and reduces the risk of infections. This is because when blood is purified the chances of getting infected by virus or bacteria becomes negligible.

Serves as a Beauty Treatment

Apple juice to a great extent serves as a beauty treatment as well. This is because it helps improve skin and hair. The soluble fiber pectin in the juice helps fight aging attributes, acne and dandruff. Further to that it contains silica and quercetin that leaves a soothing and softening effect on the skin as well as hair. It also serves as an astringent and leaves the skin smooth and flowing to touch and feel.

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Serves as an Antioxidant

Apple juice serves as an anti oxidant with good amount of vitamin C present in it. This is essential for good health of skin, tissues, nerves, teeth and eyes as well. The vitamin is essentially required for the production of collagen in the human body that further helps in creation of blood vessel and ligament. In short, it helps to improve the quality of life by regulating the complete human body functioning and also strengthening the immune system to help keep away infections and diseases. The juice is also known to provide the essential phytochemical required for good health.

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