LemonLemon is a sour tasting yellow fruit commonly used in every household. Whether it is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Lemon is always the kind of food ingredient which is used by everyone. This yellow fruit can either be consumed directly or it can be a part of salad recipe. Lemon has several of the scientific associations with it. The fruit has acidic properties which plays crucial role in removing the stains as well as stickiness from the palm. Lemon water is served after the meals to wash hands as its acidic properties have cleansing effect.

If we delve into the history of Lemon, its origination is known to be in Asia. The composition of lemon is put at 5% to 6% citric acid, giving the lemon its real sour taste. Lemon is a small sized fruit with huge number of health benefits associated with it. Let’s take into review the good health benefits associated with lemon.

Helps in Easy Digestion

lemon-2Raw lemon is served along with the meals for the purpose to make the lemon juice and drink it after the meals is over. This is done to facilitate quick digestion as well as cleanse the bowel and clear the rectum off undigested and waste food. Making lemon juice in a glass of warm water will play crucial role in reduction of nausea, heartburn, belching etc. At times, after over eating one begins to feel uneasy, drinking a glass of warm water lemon juice will be the better option.

Gives Clear and Spit Less Skin

lemon-3Lemon is an evergreen fruit which also plays crucial role in building clear skin tone and removes the blemishes of any kind from the skin. It plays significant part to get rid of pimples, dark patches, scars etc. Lemon is rich source of Vitamin C and this eventually makes it the best option to heal the skin. In case, you suffer from any type of cuts etc. drinking lemon juice will help in healing process. What’s more, the lemon juice is also significant to fight aging and other symptoms like the wrinkles and blackheads. If you ever g for the natural beauty treatment and the beauty salon is offering wrinkle free skin, it is quite obvious that the beauty salon will be using lemon as one of the principal ingredients in the treatment.

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Maintains the Health of Your Teeth

It is very obvious that the teeth require regular cleaning in order to prevent the formation of tartar and also keep the germs and bacteria away. When we eat food or ingest anything, there are several types of microorganisms that also find entry into the mouth and these microorganisms settle between the teeth and gums leading to increase in the problems.

A fresh extract of lemon juice when it is massaged on gums will help in curing the entire wound that are likely to be present on the gums, and all the more help in healing the toothache problems. Further, regular intake of lemon juice also plays important role in getting rid of bad breath. Lemon has high Vitamin C content and citric acid too, and both of these work as powerful cleansing agents to kill the bacteria and get away from all the harmful and deadly bacteria buildup in mouth.

Lemon juice is Good for Throat

Lemon has many remedial reasons associated with it. The evergreen fruit when given along with honey soothes the sore throat infection.  Lemon juice gives relief and makes you feel quite healthy and back in life again. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties and which is the reason that it is recommended by physicians for gurgling during the times when a person is suffering from sore throat infection.  Lemon is one of the best and beneficial fruits around that can make the difference and add value.

Regular Intake of Lemon Juice Reduces the Weight

If you are all that yearning to reduce weight and come back into shape, then look no further. Have lime juice regularly and you will find that you are reducing every nit of kilo and that too without going for the expensive and time consuming work outs. Lemon juice after blending it with honey and warm water if taken every morning will help in reduction of accumulated fat inside in our body system and bring us back in original shape. If you want to look slim and trim, the real answer lies in Lime juice. Try it for one and you will find things changing in your life.

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Helps in Controlling High Blood Pressure

Abrupt increase or decrease in the blood pressure will cause severe health problems and these health problems may even become quite serious as times. If the problems with the blood pressure occur, there is direct affect to the regular functioning of the heart.  Undoubtedly, there are different types of medication available to control the rising blood pressure, but there are many types of side effects associated too. Having lime juice on daily basis will certainly help to lower the blood pressure and keep it within the safe possible levels more than anything else.

Lime Juice Corrects Respiratory Problems

If you have cold or cough, start having lemon juice regularly for few days and you will find relief and comfort.  The mucous accumulated as result of cold and cough causes severe irritation to the respiratory tract and may even lead to the chest congestion. Since lemon juice has cleansing property, it will help in cleaning all the mucous and other microorganisms out there in the respiratory tract and as the result you will enjoy cool breathing and comfortable respiration.

Helps to Cure Urinary Tract Infection

Lemon juice helps in getting you rid from the mild to severe urinary tract infections- Lemon is a perfect detoxification agent and this property plays important role in fighting the urinary tract infection.

Gives Stress Free Life

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and it helps in boosting the energy and giving you stress free life.

Maintains the Normal Body Temperature

Lemon juice will help in controlling high fever and prevents the occurrence of cold and shivers.

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