The bumble beesBees are common in our everyday lives. Mostly we connect bees to flowers and honey collection but there are other types of member in this vast family. Gaining knowledge about them can be both informative and fun. Adults and children alike are sometimes scared of bees. But they also have indispensible functions that they perform and thus contribute to the ecosystem. Due to pollution and usage of mobile phones in abundance is endangering the bee species. Therefore knowledge about them can be beneficial in order to save them.


The bumble bees: very often we use the phrase busy as a bumble bee. Bumble bees are honey collectors mostly. They visit flower to flower to pollinate the plants ant for collecting the nectar to make honey. They are not aggressive in nature. But if their nest is threatened they might unite together and launch an attack. Their sting can be dangerous and painful. They prefer any fluffy material to build their nests on.

Honey bees:  the most common form of bee is the honeybee. Mostly we refer to them when we talk about bees in general. They are very much essential is today’s world. They are considered the most essential insect on the earth as they help in pollinating all sorts of vegetables and crops. The colony collapse disorder” that is raising much of concern today is the result of the sudden and unexplained disappearance of honeybee from the planet. This can detrimental for our ecosystem.

Hornets:  the most aggressive among the bees the hornets are the strongest stinging insects present in today’s world. They mostly prefer to build their nests in the outside trees and shrubs are not something we see in our everyday lives.

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Carpenter bees: using their mandibles carpenter bees drill a perfect hole on the wooden plank of the higher branches of a tree. They are mostly females. They make a tunnel through the trees to lay eggs and nurture their children when they are young.

Wasps: wasps are common to households and everyday life. Wasp sting very poisonous and hurt a lot. Keeping them away from us is extremely prudent.

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