flatNose is a very important organ of our body. Not only does it give shape to our face it has a functionality of paramount importance. We breathe through our nose. Almost every form of living being breathes in oxygen from the atmosphere through the nose and exhales carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere through the same. This process helps in blood circulation throughout the body and helps us live. Any disruption to this process seriously hampers our life and can be proven enormously detrimental. There are several types of noses. Some are listed as below.

The snub: people with relatively smaller and more compact form of nose best suits the players. The famous soccer player Rooney sports this kind of snub. Muhammad Ali too sported this short sporty type nose. The tip of the nose in this type is neither round nor flat and the nose is slightly upturned, this often makes a person with this form of nose appear rather snobbish.

Concave shaped: with a protruding and slight denture in the middle this type of nose is called the concave nose or the upturned nose. A Caucasian trait mostly the depression in the centre of the nose is the result of the bulky tip that makes the nose appears to be upward looking. Marilyn Munroe had this type of nose.

Greek nose: with a pointed tip and a very narrow nostril, the Greek nose is straight form of nose. People who have straight nose are considered very intelligent. There is no denture in the centre of the nose and it is does look pretty on everyone.

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Nubian nose: people with long nose with a flat base have this type of nose. Barrack Obama has this type of nose.

Flat nose:  are mostly found Asians, Africans and Afro-Americans.

Wavy type: any form of deformity or accident results in this form of nose.

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