Different people have different tastes, but everyone can agree that going on an adventure, no matter what kind, is the ultimate experience. And if you are an adrenaline junkie then for you it is important to keep finding an adventure that will take you over the edge.

There are many places in the world which are a must see if you are seeking adventures, but you should be careful as many of those are surrounded with dangerous and difficult access. Moreover, the current socio-political layout of the world might hinder some from traveling to their exact destination; always make sure that there are no tensions in the region you are visiting.


Visiting the poles

If you really want to discover what the North Pole or South Pole has to offer, then it is time to pack and to go on a deep sea pole diving adventure. When you are finally ready to dodge ice and sometimes incoming predators, rest assured that the beauty lying below the icecaps is worth it all.

Reach the top of the world

Enjoying crazy and extreme mountain climbing, then maybe what you need is the ultimate challenge of them all: peak climbing in Nepal. When you feel ready, try to tackle the mother of all mountains, Mount Everest.

An epic bike ride

New Zealand has been used as a base for filming many epic sagas, and now it is time to fully experience that adventure travel with a bike. You will find many pathways with lots of dead ends, weird corners to conquer and roads that will test even the most seasoned mountain bikers. There are as many as 23 off-road tracks with amazing scenery, meaning it will take quite some time to fully discover everything this place has to offer.

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Experience ice climbing

When visiting Greenland, do not forget to try one of the most interesting climbing disciplines, ice climbing. Not only is it more challenging and demanding than other types, but you will be able to experience the country and climbing in a whole different aspect.

Spread your wings and fly

Perhaps base jumping is what you need to fulfill your list of ultimate adventures, and there is no place better to do it then from the Shipton Spire in Pakistan. Mind you, the climb to get there is difficult, but once you see the view from such a peak, and take a dive worthy of kings, you will feel as if you conquered the world.

Finding the ultimate adventure is not easy, and it will take years to find the one that will get your adrenaline flowing every time. However, you should broaden your horizons so that you can discover and experience new adventures.

Do not let anything stop you, if you think that an adventure could be too demanding, think of it like it is a challenge, an added bonus to conquering and claiming your adventure. But, make sure that you always research before you go anywhere, so that you can bring all the necessary supplies and equipment. Furthermore, always let your close ones where you are, for just in case.

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