Diwali is a festival of happiness, excitement, and enjoyment that gets double if you get exclusive offers on various products such as apparels, jewelry, household products, health care products etc.  Diwali is one great Indian festival that comes with a lot of occasions such as Dussehra, Dhanteras, Karva Chauth and many more other occasions that motivate you to buy new things. The rituals and preparations of this festival generally take 5-day period which is also considered as shopping days and during this period the every shopping site and local markets of all places provide great offers on each and every product according to their values.

Buying desired healthcare product during Diwali season will be beneficial for you because of so many factors:

  • Buying a product in Diwali sale suit your pocket as you would get a lot of discount on every product.
  • Moreover, during this time you will get 100 percent authentic product on low prices.
  • The team service of every health care brand tries to deliver the best quality products with great services as customer want so you will get a product with excellent services as well.
  • Along with discount you can get many offers in which you may get one other product free with the existing product that you are buying, or cashback, voucher offers
  • Especially doing online shopping during Diwali season is proved as the convenient way of shopping in which you can get your product just sitting at your home and if you don’t like it then you can return or exchange it.

Exclusive Diwali 2016 offers on Health Products:

During this time every site like Amazon, Flip kart, Snap deal and many more online websites provide exciting offers on various international health care brands such as Himalaya, Johnson, Ayur, and Philips and so on. Ranging in the categories of product from pharmaceuticals, animal health, baby care, personal care to nutrition care there are various health care products that become available for cheaper price with huge discount almost every online store and local stores.

 Moreover the products available on big discounts don’t compromise with the quality and the health care brands try to deliver best quality services to their customers.

  1. Thrive Massager right acupressure health care product:

Thrive massager is a great health care product to use if you are suffering from body ache. Moreover nowadays acupressure is so popular that people are putting a step forward towards this. Acupressure treats almost all health issues be it headache, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain or any sort of body ache. It is a must for your home so that you can get that refreshing massage after a tiring day in office. The reviews of this product are excellent and people are recommending this product to all their near and dear ones. Grab it as quickly as you can in this Diwali sale. It is available on Amazon.

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Original Price: Rs. 999

Offer Price: Rs. 870

You save Rs. 129 in this Diwali offer.


  1. Philips elegance nebulizer:

This Respironics innospire elegance nebulizer compressor is a perfect nebulizer to get fast and efficient results. It comes in an economical package.

This nebulizer features many things that make it out standing among all other nebulizer treatment products:

  • It contains a carry bag that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you want.
  • It contains a station to stabilize the nebulizer cup that helps you to pour easily in medication.
  • It comes with vertical tube connector that makes it easier for people to use it. Especially for those who are affected with arthritis or any disability of hands.
  • Along with these features it comes with a power switch located on top of the system to easily access the nebulizer.
  • The best thing about this nebulizer is that it comes with a reusable nebulizer kit that can be cold sterilized.
  • It comes with few accessories that include: nebulizer, adult mask, child mask, mount piece, nebulizer bottle, connection tube, and 4 filters, carry bag and user manual as well.

Original Price: Rs. 4225

Offer Price: Rs. 2600

You save Rs. 1625 in this Diwali offer getting flat 38% off. It is available on Flipkart.


  1. Eye mate Eye Massager EYE1000:

Eye mate has a computer control chip technology which applies pressure and has a massaging and heating function that improves the blood circulation of eyes and relaxes the ciliary muscles of eyes. It gives you a healthy eye-sight. It is equipped with a music function which relaxes your mind as well. If you have those puffed eyes due to tiredness try this amazing product which is available on Amazon at a great deal.

Original Price: Rs. 4950

Offer Price: Rs. 3950

You save Rs. 1000 in this Diwali offer.

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  1. Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

It is the best domestic utility blood pressure monitor. This is a perfect product for those who are suffering from cardiac diseases, hypertension and high/low blood pressures. Hypertension is a condition of weakening cardiac system which can prove out to be dangerous if not treated and noticed on time. It has got high accuracy and relieves stress and anxiety to relax you. It has a battery indicator with bar calibration and has a storage capacity to record 14 values.  It is reliable as it has automatic disturbance detector. You can measure blood pressure but keeping it under your arms. It has a hypertension indicator and irregular heart beat indicator. The best part is you will get a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Grab it for yourself if you are a victim of cardiac diseases or blood pressure.

Original Price: Rs. 2500

Offer Price: Rs. 1340

You save Rs. 1160 in this Diwali offer. It is available on Amazon.


  1. Ks facial massager

This facial massager has a splendid property that keeps skin nourished and hydrated by exfoliating the dead skin cells. It can be used to clean the face before applying makeup to give it long-lasting and smooth effect.


This excellent massager comes with five special accessories for different functionalities: –

  • V soft brush

It is used to clear the entire scruff from the surface of skin. Rather than wasting time or money in parlor use it at home and get effective results.

  • V latex sponge

This accessory is specially used to treat puffiness of eyes and cheeks. It shows its effect massage them that increases the blood flow under the skin and reduces the appearance of swelling.

  • V make up sponge

 Make up sponge is especially used to clean the face before applying makeup. So that you can get a parlor like effect in your make up

  • V crude polish accessory

Crude polish accessory is used for scrubbing the tough skin like elbow or toes that get rough with time because of dust particles. So crude polish accessory basically exfoliated the dead skin cells from skin surface and unclog the pores.

  • V rolling massager

This rolling massager is used for better blood circulation and to get toned muscles. It does it work wonderfully without causing any irritation to skin. So it is better to use this product rather than wasting money in parlor and saloons.

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This product is now available in offer price on Snapdeal and Amazon. So grab it quickly before it gets too late.

Original Price: Rs. 990

Offer Price: Rs. 490

You save Rs. 500 in this Diwali offer.

  1. A complete workout kit

It is an easy to carry compact kit which can be carried anywhere while traveling, in office or in park. It is a Sterling rubber Revoflex rope resistance exercise kit. You can do 5 sets of workout with this kit that is expand chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs in one go. It offers 44 different exercises and you can do any sort of exercise be it intense, light and bulky ones as well. It is a great substitute to bulky machinery and takes less time as well. It works on your abdominal muscles, back, shoulder, arms and thigh muscles as well. If you don’t get time after that hectic schedule then try out this kit to get amazing health benefits. This is available on Amazon.

Original Price: Rs. 799

Offer Price: Rs. 529

You save Rs. 270 in this Diwali offer.

a-complete-workout-kit- Upcoming Diwali 2016 offers on Health Products

  1. Vectora 3 in 1 vibrating magnetic slimming belt:

This magnetic slimming belt is equipped with temperature controller and other performance features such as turbo heating, anti shock and trimming vibration that helps you in so many ways. This belt promotes the blood circulation that helps in controlling body cholesterol. It also helps in reducing the tummy, thigh and hip fat with the help of vibration therapy.

On the other hand, sauna therapy reduces the swelling of skin. You can lose weight by wearing this belt on abdomen, thighs, waist back and hips. It is easy to wear and will not take your much time in the whole process. This product is available on flipkart and Amazon.

Original Price: Rs. 2399

Offer Price: Rs. 599

You save Rs. 1800 in this Diwali offer getting a flat 75% off. Ladies grab this amazing deal to get that flat belly.


I hope you liked all the deals which completely suits your pocket and gives you these awesome health care products. Grab them before it’s too late. Enjoy this Diwali shopping with great discounts on these products for your health.

Stay healthy and wishing all our readers a marvelous Diwali !!

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