alum3You are faced with so many choices when you decide to renovate, the finishings are what makes a home and gives it that personal flair, so you want to get it right. One of the main reasons for renovating, besides creating more space, is to let in more light as large windows become a more popular feature in people’s homes. When making your renovation choices however, you are only limited to your budget, and depending on the size of your renovation, that could be a lot or a little. Considering that you will have a budget to work with that limits your choices, you want to choose features and fittings that are stylish and multifaceted, something versatile that gives you your moneys worth. Timber finishings for example look great and classic, but they do not suit a house that is being modernised, they are have to be replaced after a time because they are more vulnerable to the elements.


Aluminium fittings are becoming more and more popular as modern buildings and renovations become more prominent forms of architectural design. Aluminium is not only affordable but it is also versatile in it’s style and function. Consider your new extension, perhaps it is a sunroom or a room leading to an outside entertaining area. Fitting a wall of floor to ceiling window reinforced by aluminium with some classy sliding, stacker or folding doors instantly lets light flow through your home, connecting the inside to the outside and easily providing an interconnected entertaining space. Your guests will be delighted by the versatile and modern design. Aluminium fittings are not longer bound by those old fashioned painted styles, brushed chrome finishes are more popular than ever with bold lines and sleek design, like those found at Aluminium Trade Centre.

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Another way of adding more light is installing a skylight, again reinforced by aluminium brackets, adding light to those tricky rooms that have to wall space for windows. This is particularly common in terrace houses that share a wall with their neighbours, instantly blocking off an entire wall of light. The light weight nature and natural lightness of colour instantly helps to create the feeling of light and space which can do wonders when trying to create a whole new feeling in your home through a renovation.

Aluminium is also an incredibly strong but lightweight metal making it stable to support heavy objects and reliable as a framework. A previously disregarded area for the metal that is now being realised is it’s suitability as a staircase framework. It is sturdy, stylish and affordable, so you are able to install cutting edge design in your home, without having to break the budget. New forms of aluminium insulation are also helping homes to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, decreasing those ghastly energy bills.

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