Twenty-nine states, including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, have legalized marijuana for medical use. More than 1.2 million people are already using medical marijuana to manage various health issues, from pain relief to cancer.

The public is more open to recreational marijuana use as well. In the state of Washington alone, the sales of recreational marijuana for 2016 was $696 million, nearly twice the figure of the previous year’s sales.

The legalization of cannabis in the United States has certainly opened many business opportunities across the country. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal and you are planning to start your own business, then you may consider selling vape pens. These products are said to yield better ROI than selling regular cannabis does. Here are four key reasons for that.

People Consume Cartridges Faster

 Vape pens are designed to be sleek and portable, so they can be used practically anywhere. They are relatively easy and less messy to take around with you. Also, compared to manually rolling joints, vaporizing doesn’t require much time and effort in terms of preparation.

With most vape pens, you only need to refill the cartridge as soon as you use up the old one. Because vaporizers are so easy and convenient to use, people tend to consume cartridges faster, hence giving you a potentially steady pool of customers in need of cartridge refills.


Vape Pens Are a Social Product

 Because of their hip and trendy look and their overall convenience, vape pens are very marketable as social products. They’ve become fashion statements and a way for people to bond. Head to a party, and you will most likely see not just one person vaping but an entire group socializing while enveloped in a vaporizer-induced fog.

Establish your brand by providing great-quality products and services, and you basically have a captive market at your hands. You can expect your happy customers to turn their friends into loyal patrons of your shop.

It is important to note that vaping cannabis can still leave traces of it in your system, so make sure you vape at your own risk. Make sure you are aware of your workplace’s policy on marijuana use or if management regularly requires employees to undergo a blood drug test.

People Lose Cartridges and Vaporizers

 The portable quality of vape pens isn’t always a good thing for users, though. Since they almost always take their vaporizers along with them and use them anywhere, they have a higher risk of misplacing or completely losing their pens and cartridges.

This is good news for sellers. Misplaced or lost cartridges and vape pens mean more profits for you. You basically have a captive market you can constantly sell your products to.

More Discreet Than Smoking a Joint

 One key reason that contributes to the popularity of vape pens is that vaporizing cannabis is more discreet than smoking. Although some vape pens still produce a distinct vapor or smell, the emission is significantly less noticeable compared to when smoking a regular joint.

Additionally, vaporizer pens have a sleek, minimalist design, which allows users to vape on the go without worrying about complicated manual setups or the mess that comes with carrying around raw cannabis products. Simply put, with vape pens, users can quietly enjoy cannabis without annoying other people.

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