web marketing tools-blogs,He attacks the content strategy, visibility via social media, techniques related to SEO or data analysis of your website, web marketing is full of techniques …

To find answers to your questions regarding web marketing, I suggest in this article, a list (not exhaustive) of the  main blogs whose goal is to assist you with your digital communication and enable you to be more efficient on the web !

Community Management: blogs on social networks

  • CM newspaper : now unavoidable, this collaborative blog created in 2013 at the initiative of Laurent Bour, presents and analyzes social media news. The items offered on the community manager of the newspaper are numerous and cover, among others, different roles of community management, web marketing and marketing.
  • My community Manager : Djivan Minassian and Ibrahim-Yves Amblard were both created this blog in 2010 whose aim is to address the community managers and companies wishing to optimize their digital communications. Always in a friendly spirit, we discover through this blog news from social networks, web marketing and many pieces of advice through a lot of case studies.
  • social-mediaThe moderator of the blog : Social Networking, Web business, productivity, jobs, professional interviews … This blog covers many topics related to web news. Created in 2007, the blog moderator is an official blogging site Region job initiated by Flavien Chantrel, currently social media manager at RegionsJob.
  • Clement Pellerin : Trainer social networking, social media consultant, and founder of Training Pellerin, Clement Pellerin supports and trains businesses in their mastery of social networks. His blog deals with the aspect of community management and social media strategies across the brands.
  • Emarketinglicious : Run by Isabelle Matthew, this blog on this site puts forward various social media strategies, social media consulting and studies related to social networks. Expert in his field, Matthew Isabelle assists professionals in developing their strategy for social media.
  • Camille Jordan : Social Media Manager and avid blogger Camille Jordan line his blog on the community management but not that! He also shares tips and information related to marketing, web events, books on social media …
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Social marketing: blogs on the web marketing tools

  • Social Media Pro : This marketing agency created by the initiative of Olivier Monteux is focused social media and digital marketing. Social networking, blogging, choice of visuals … This blog is packed with tools, relevant advice and effective tutorials to complete its communication on the web.
  • Web marketing & com : Since 2006, this multi-author blog on the initiative of Sylvain Lambert , provides news related to web marketing, e-commerce and points out the many on-line communications. A multitude of professional and practical information to everyone!
  • The web channel : Through his blog, Jean-Christophe Dichant, marketing and photography enthusiast, shares his experiences and good practices in web presence, blogging and social media.
  • 1 min 30 : the Inbound agency is specializing in Marketing, 1mn 30 offers on its website many resources on social media, the content strategy, marketing trends …

Content: blogs on writing web & SEO

  • Abondance If you are new to this site, it’s time to take a look there! It must blog created by Olivier Andrieu , independent SEO consultant, covers news on the search engines and SEO.
  • Miss SEO Girl : Hey, you’re on! :) So you know that this blog deals with ease since 2012, various SEO techniques, web writing and offers professional interviews in these areas.
  • Céline Albarracin  : web editor and community manager freelance Celine Albarracin offers, via his blog, many expert advice and feedback around the web copywriting, SEO and content marketing.
  • Webrankinfo : At the initiative of this blog created in joe-web2002 Oliver Duff, independent consultant and specialist in SEO Google. Webrankinfo is a wealth of information and advice related to search engine optimization techniques. More than just a blog, it is also the largest French portal about SEO!
  • Laurent Bourrelly : SEO Consultant since 2004, Laurent Bourrelly , in the true enthusiast, offers his blog, many techniques and SEO strategies to increase visibility on the Internet.
  • Arobasenet  : This news blog about SEO and social networks created by Christmas N’Guessan, aims to help improve your visibility on the web.
  • Digital Eve : Born end of 2012, a digital watch is a blog offering tickets on optimization and content strategy, SEO and curation. It also offers many deciphering the news related to social media.
  • Incubator : The K blog is run by Stéphabe Briot , also the author of 4:18. With the aim of supporting entrepreneurs who want to start on the web, this website offers many tips on blogging, SEO, social media … all with simplicity and humanity!
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Of course, you guessed it, this list is not exhaustive … and I can only encourage you to poke around on the canvas to complement these resources!

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