To make an attention grabbing e-book cover design, the first thing you need is a proper software to make it. Photoshop tops the list, but not very preferable for its jaw dropping price tag! You can definitely have other options like Corel’s Paint Shop Pro and if you need something free of cost try your hands on GIMP or Photoscape. And if everything is too complicated for you, there is always the MS Paint.

Things to keep in mind to make your cover stand out:

Categorize your book: It is good to mention if your book is a novel, fiction, biography or non-fiction right on the cover. Just make sure to keep the font size and type to be smaller than title.

Title of your book: First impression is the best impression; keep the title in the biggest font on the cover. And keep it interesting.

Author’s Name: The font you use for your name should be smaller than title.

Picture: Adding a good image to your book cover might be one of the best decisions you can make in designing it. A good picture will definitely grab attention to your book.

The right image for background:
You can spend hours searching for the right picture for your book cover. And if you find the right one don’t forget to check the copyrights and get permissions to use it. Or if you are into very serious business, can hire a photographer and after making him understand your book let him click the best picture for your book.

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Choose the right Font:
After selecting your image finalize two colors which you will be using in the fonts. Choose simple colors and simple fonts. If you choose a handwriting type font people might not even take an effort to read the title of your book. Choosing the same font for title and the author name is not a bad idea. Though, a few may prefer different fonts. Make sure that there is “breathing space” between the texts you used in the cover.

The “Make Sure” list:

  • You have saved the file in maximum pixel level.
  • Always save the final file in JPEG format for the cover.
  • Also keep an editable format for your cover, like .PSD format for a cover edited it Photoshop, you never know months later you might want to do some changes in the cover.
  • Ask yourself if the font is readable, is your image attractive enough to catch eyes and are the color you chose are the best ones.

Final Words:
After checking the “Make Sure” list you are good to go. Don’t be too shy to share your designed cover in your social networking page. You can also share your cover in comment section of articles like this where you might enjoy some criticism and applause, both helpful to make your e-book cover the best.

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