McLaren 600LT

Some cars will drive past you and you will not even notice. But there are cars that when it passes by, you can’t help not to snap out of it and notice them regardless of how deeply in thought you are or how busy the road may be.

This class of cars can disrupt the serenity of a street and  silence the bustling of a busy road, turning loud conversations into hush whispers. These are not cars for the modest or anyone who does not want to be in the limelight. These are cars for people at the very top of their game. We are talking about cars like the McLaren 600LT.

A Little History

McLaren Automotive is a British car manufacturing company established in 2010 (yes less than two decades ago). This company’s entire focus is the design and production of sports cars. What it has achieved within its short span of existence is nothing short of amazing.

Prior to the founding of this company, another company known as McLaren Cars was already in existence. Though the two companies had the same ownership, they existed as two different entities with McLaren Cars (which the McLaren F1 in 1992) listed as a dormant company between the year 1994 and 2010. By 2017, the two companies merged into one. You can learn more about its history here.

McLaren Automotive is popularly known amongst sports car enthusiasts as a manufacturer of super-cars and hyper-cars. Some great sports cars have rolled off the manufacturing line of this company, one of which is the McLaren 600LT that we are considering here.

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What exactly is so exciting about the McLaren 600LT?

Let’s see….

This model is one of the LT (Longtail) series offered by McLaren. When you see any McLaren car with the LT suffix, it simply means the car was designed to be lighter in weight, faster due to increased power and to offer a more enhanced dynamic driving control.

According to McLaren, there are six defining characteristics of the LT series. These are: more power, lighter weight, driver engagement, enhanced aerodynamics, track-focused dynamics and limited availability.

The 600LT is an improved, track-focused variation of the 570S. The LT badge simply means it has a lighter weight, more power and better driving dynamics. These of course make it great for the tracks.

Interestingly, the 600LT is actually an entry level Sports Series offering from McLaren; the first ever to be stamped with the LT badge of honor.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

McLaren ensured a clear difference still exists between the 600LT and the more expensive Super Series models by not adding any hydraulic cross linked dampers and movable aero devices in this model. That said, McLaren pulls out all the stops in other aspects of this model.

A 30kg weight drop was achieved from reductions made to the brakes, wheels, tires as well as the forged aluminum suspension. The rear diffuser and front splitter were extended, achieving a 74mm extra length and an improved downforce. This is in addition to the fact that it also has a front track that is wider by 10mm, a ride height that is lower by 8mm as well as a fixed rear wing, giving it a more aggressive aerodynamics.

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Even to a stark novice, the exterior design of this car will immediately tell you that this is not just “any” car but a supercar. From the dihedral doors that open upwards, the twin exhausts that are conspicuously located in the rear deck to the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs tires and its general robust design, the entire setup looks like a beast waiting to unleash its power.

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Important Specs

Let’s quickly give you a brief summary of the specifications that the 600LT features.

  • Engine – Twin-turbo V8, 3,799cc
  • Drivetrain – Mid-engined, rear-wheel drive
  • Transmission – Semi-automatic 7-speed
  • Chassis – Carbon fiber tub, front and rear aluminum crash structures
  • Suspension – Double wishbones, adaptive dampers
  • Wheels – 19 inches in the front, 20 inches at the rear
  • Tires – 225/35 R19 in the front, 285/35 R20 at the rear. You can choose between the Pirelli P Zero and the Pirelli Trofeo R
  • Brakes – 390mm carbon ceramic discs in front and 380mm at the rear
  • Power – 600hp at 7,500rpm
  • Torque – 457lb feet at 5,500rpm to 6,500rpm
  • 0-62mph – 2.9 seconds
  • Top speed – 204mph
  • Fuel economy – 23.2mpg
  • CO2 emissions – 9.7oz/km
  • Length – 4,604/2 mm
  • Width – 095/1 mm
  • Height: 194 mm
  • Dry weight: 2749lbs.
  • Kerb weight: 2989.5lbs.

Owning a McLaren 600LT

From everything we have seen so far, it is clear that the McLaren 600LT is a special car and therefore has to be purchased from a special place. Remember that as part of the LT series, this car will not be flooding the market as its production will be limited in line with the characteristics of the LT series.

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To order a 600LT, it is important to contact a certified McLaren retailer like A certified retailer will help you make the right choice, explaining the options you can add (which will of course increase your cost) and the value these options offer.

With only a limited number of these breathtaking cars slated for production, it is important that you act immediately to ensure you can own one. This certainly is one car you will be proud to own.


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