According to a recent research statistics, about 72% of the users feel that the apple iPhone is the best in the market. It is a must to know that IPhone is the best in the market and is a tough competitor for all modern smart phone manufacturers. Also the phone is lighter and faster with a good battery life and is taller enough to pop up things above its keyboard and has the best display and a wide screen.

Unique specifications of the Apple iPhone:

iphone_5The camera in the phone is the best with scratch resistant sapphire crystal lens, which is second to diamond in its hardness. The camera could shoot panoramic shots and record stills and videos and audio as well with the help of a microphone at its back. The music from the device is at its best with high quality speakers and ear buds that have been refined using 124 different prototypes. The phone has got the best and the fastest wireless with the ultimate slimmer look. Only the price of the phone seems to be a little negative for common users, but it price is the perfect fit for its worthiness. The phone has an impressive battery life that is up all through the day. It offers 8 hours of talk time, 8 hours of browsing and 10 hours of non-stop video playback.

Reasons why iPhone is better than its rivals:
  • Design:

The minimalism of the iPhone as invented by Steve Jobs gives the best refinement for the smartphone and excellent coherence that suits the needs of every user. Its vibrant black, white and other business colours in the panel gives a professional look to the device.

  • Reliability:
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It is known across the world that the product is extremely reliable and the gadgets sold by the Apple Company receive apparently no complaints. The mobile undoubtedly enjoys impeccable reputation amidst its users and the organisation also makes every effort to get the device at its best shot.

  • Single ecosystem:

Unlike other smartphone players in the market, Apple has its own operating system that is updated every now and then to enhance the quality and the company also controls the different phases of manufacturing resulting in the best gadget.

  • Network:

The company has the best sales network that distributes its devices in the market in different countries which is a great advantage for Apple over its competitors. The company has also introduced a scheme where its customers could exchange their old device for new at a reasonable discount.

  • Promotions:

The company makes ideal promotions for its products within the organisation. It feeds the hungry tummies of media with new news releases on its specifications, products, and new apps etc., all its integrities are under tight locks until they are releases into the media.

  • Innovation:

The best characteristic of the Apple phone and the most valued one is its thirst for innovation. The company has releases tablets and smartphone in a single generation, which is a set ahead compared to its predecessors.

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