Write a Book Review

Write a Book ReviewIf you think that having someone else write your paper would save you from your deadline, then you don’t need to read this. On the contrary, here are the steps to write a book review in less than an hour.


1 Gain knowledge about the book

If you think you could only read summaries on-line because you haven’t got much time, there is a better way. Apply reading techniques. Skimming, scanning, reading only the first and last sentence of each chapter, or scanning the book while referring to a chapter by chapter synopsis are good techniques to familiarize yourself with the material. The idea here is to gain as much knowledge as you can about the book. Without this knowledge, you cannot write a good paper.


2 Highlight ideas

While reading or applying the mentioned reading techniques, highlight important ideas and concepts in the book. Do this with the knowledge of the guidelines set by the teacher so you could capture the important points.


3 Do some more research

So you have read the book. Did you get the main points that would help you write your paper faster? If yes, proceed to the next step. If no, do some more research. Skim through on-line educational resources, existing book reviews, and insight papers that talk about the main points of the book. This is faster than going to the library or reading a whole paper. Qualify the points you have researched to your own reading experience. Again, highlight the important points.


4 Determine focus of the paper and create a detailed outline

Decide on the focus of your paper and the sub topics you want to discuss. The focus determines coherence while the sub topics determine the depth of the paper. When you have decided on these important things, the next thing to do is to organize your thoughts by creating an outline. This will structure your paper so that the writing part becomes as easy as if you only need to fill up the blanks in the outline. The more detailed your outline, the faster you’re going to finish your paper.

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5 Write the book review and edit.

If you are able to create a good outline, you may just expound each line using 3 to 5 sentences. Make your composition concise and straight to the point. Don’t forget to edit your paper for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting it.

These steps, when mastered, could be of great help especially when you need to write tons of papers throughout your college life. You would know that such a practice works when you get high marks from your teachers.

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