peacefull sleep

Not only good foods but also proper sleep is also necessary for a healthy and younger looking skin. If you have sleep deprivation or insomnia, then your body will make more “cortical” hormone (stress hormone) that is the cause of inflammation and stress; and remember, inflammation and stress make the skin quality lower. There is a deep connection between sleep deprivation & skincare and the lack of proper sleep can be the vicious cycle of your skin. All we know that sleep is one of the principal factors for skin health, from recent researches and experiments.


A poor sleep increases the stress as well as inflammation. And because of stress and inflammation, the skin gets psoriasis or acne. Again, because of skin problems, you become stressed and the situation becomes worse day by day. If you can’t stop this vicious cycle and it continuous, both of your skin quality and sleep condition will worsen altogether. This situation is just disgusting and annoying at all.

But, you can increase both of your sleep condition and skin quality together very simply. Are you wondering HOW? Well, the answer is “Proper Sleep”! If you sleep properly, that annoying vicious cycle will be no more and you will get a healthy and younger looking skin. Besides, you will get rid of stress and inflammation too.

Do you need more specific convincing factors? Don’t worry, we do have the explanations! Here are 6 common reasons why you need proper sleep for a healthy skin.

  1. If you do not sleep properly, your existing skin will get worse condition time by time. Not enough sleep also increases inflammatory which is the main cause of more skin sensitivity, more acne breakouts and more contact reaction of allergic dermatitis and many other several skin conditions.
  1. Poor sleep detracts the natural beauty from your skin. Poor sleep increases the inflammatory cells in your body and this is the reason for increased hyaluaronic acid and collagen breakdown. The hyaluaronic acid and collagen give glow, translucency and bounce to your skin. And if you have the breakdown, then it will decrease the skin’s natural beauty.
  1. Without a good sleep, your skin loses the beauty. When you sleep, the body does the hydration rebalance system to make the skin able to recover the moisture. While sleeping, the body system uses the extra water of the body as the moisturizer and keeps the skin dehydration free to look soft. But if you do not sleep well, then the result won’t make you be satisfied. Poor sleep will be the result of poor water balance, under-eye-circles and puffy bags. Besides, it will make the skin dry and make the wrinkles more visible.
  1. Not enough sleep makes worse the immune related skin conditions. Not enough sleep is the reason of inflammation and the inflammation throws off the ability of the immune regulation system of the body. Once your skin starts losing the immune system, various skin problems will be shown as well, such as eczema, psoriasis and other skin related problems. And remember, the “Psoriasis” is more than just a skin problem.
  1. If you don’t have a good sleep, then you will gain weight. Yes, lower sleep has a contribution to weight gaining process. If you be awake for a longer time, you will feel hungry and take more foods, which is the reason of weight gaining.
  1. Do you want to be look older before age? Of course not! But lacking of proper sleep triggers out the aging process. The growth hormones repair the damaged cells during sleep. And without a good sleep, it won’t be happened. So if you do not get the proper time for sleeping, your skin will become aged looking before you are!


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