Millennials get a bad rap: they’re “lazy” and “entitled” and “obsessed with Facebook.” But they’re so much more than that. The Millennial generation is entering the workforce and if you’re a decision maker at your company, you should be championing their hire. Here are nine reasons why:

9. They’re just out of school.
Most Millennials are somewhere between 20-30 and that means they’re fresh off of Marketing 101 and Macroeconomics. Everyone’s unused knowledge gets dusty after a decade or two of neglect, but Millennials have newer, updated perspectives on everything academic.

8. Millennials work hard.
Somewhere along the way, the Millennial generation got branded as having a poor work ethic. Nope. With smartphones glued to their palms at all times and the most grueling, thankless internships in recent memory, most Millennials are willing to work harder than some more seasoned employees. It’s all they know.

7. They’re cheaper than the veterans.
It’s true, if not totally fair. Without 20 years of high-level experience, Millennials will work for far less than their older counterparts. Nearly 40% (forty percent!) of Millennials live at home with their folks and the generation is not buying cars or other big-budget purchases like those before. That means less need for a massive paycheck and a better outcome for your bottom line.

6. They’ll never say, “that’s not in my job description.”
Millennials have grown up in an environment where jobs were ever-changing, rebranding was popular, and company restructuring didn’t necessarily mean a layoff. They understand the nebulous world of business today and are far more flexible than some older generations. That flexibility is worth its weight in gold.

5. They’ll improve your corporate culture.
Young people are fun! They’re witty, energetic, and always up for an after-work happy hour, and that’s energy your company can feed off of. Remember that a critical mass of Millennials in the office that breeds a frat-house atmosphere – but having too few might make for a more uptight work place.

4. Millennials understand the importance of social media.
If you’re not using social media as a marketing tool, you’re missing out, and Millennials can help. The Tweet that takes you an hour to compose and send takes them about 30-seconds and they’re happy to incorporate social media into their current job tasks. Don’t ask why, but they think it’s fun.

3. They’re eager for experience.
Millennials will try anything once. They’re still youthful and haven’t yet been jaded by years of hard work which means they’ll jump at the chance to stay late on a cool project or accompany you to the conference.

2. Most Millennials are more tech savvy than you’ll ever be.
It’s hard to quantify how valuable a trait it is for Millennials that they grew up with computers. If you’re anywhere near 40 you can distinctly remember a time when the internet didn’t exist and cell phones were only in movies. Millennials get this stuff innately and may save you thousands on low-level IT help by being able to fix the printer, download that app, and update the website all in one fell swoop.

1. They’re cool.
You can’t buy cool. The “cool factor” Millennials bring to your company is only slightly less important than the fresh viewpoints and informed insights they offer. Don’t take this lightly or dismiss Millennials as frivolous. They’re here to stay and now’s the time to tap into their talent.

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