The great thing about search engine optimization is that it can be as technical or as simple as you want it to be. No one is ever forcing you to use particular SEO strategies, though it wouldn’t be wise to build a site that completely ignores all the basic principles of creating optimized content for the web.

There are many different ways to approach SEO, ranging from the most technical tips to very simple techniques that anyone can use.

Starting With SEO From the Beginning

The best time to start thinking about your SEO strategy is at the very beginning. If you wait until your website is already made and your content already posted, then you lose a lot of opportunities to optimize your site. Start from the very beginning and keep SEO at least in the back of your mind. You should try to choose a URL and even a brand name that includes a commonly searched keyword for your business. Your primary keyword would likely be the types of products of services you offer, like consulting, photography, or medical supply products. If one of these key search terms is in your URL, you will be at a slight advantage over companies who have a less obvious name.

Think Local

Most people don’t think of targeting keywords for their city or state. However, local business is always great to have, so consider mentioning your location clearly in your bio or about us pages. Common location based keywords should combine your location with your basic services, like with the examples “Philadelphia wedding video” or “Toronto real estate.” This strategy will help you target local customers.

The image optimization in the service of your site!

Handle SEO Automatically

Incorporating SEO into every aspect of your blog or website can be extremely difficult. While it is fairly obvious to target keywords and optimize your written content, most people struggle to take advantage of more technical ways of improving their SEO and incorporating them into their website structure. Building a website alone is a hard enough task without complicating it with SEO. With the right WordPress premium themes, you might just be in luck.

There are many WordPress features that make it easy to automatically optimize your page headings, links, and more. This allows people to focus more on their content and less on their SEO. You can also check and see how your website does at targeting keywords you are interested in. Ultimately, SEO should be an important part of your website, but it shouldn’t make you ignore the focus on the quality of the work. I also suggest you to read this blog and posts regarding what not to do in SEO

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