Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 Introduction

With so much of competition faced by its competitors, Apple has introduced its new iPhone device iPhone 5, a thinner lighter and taller phone as compared to iPhone 4S.


Apple iPhone 5 is about 1.4mm less thick than its previous version. The screen and back of iPhone 4S bulged out from the side, iPhone 5 has got a flush back. iPhone 5 is about 28 g ligher than iPhone 4S and weighs about 112 g.


In Apple iPhone 5 , Apple has come out of its usual 3.5” display and introduced 4”display with 1136×640 resolution. Like the phone design, the display is also similar to that of its predecessor iPhone 4S. The screen is not wide so it is comfortable to hold the device in hand. The screen is large and that will help the users to have better view while accessing the web or reading the emails but apps are not optimized for the new screen.


IPhone 5 has a thinner case which means Apple has redesigned the lens and sensor of the camera though it comes with 8-megapixel resolution as that of iPhone 4S. The shots taken are bright and vibrant and every detailing is available. iPhone 5 can be used for taking pictures in most of the cases than that of using the compact camera. Video quality of this device is excellent.

Battery Life

Apple claimed that iPhone 5 has faster performance (almost twice that of iPhone 4S) with its A6 processor but in reality that is not the case though battery life is better in iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 from Apple is missing NFC, the technology that has been seen in different other Android devices. If considered overall, iPhone 5 is a worth to keep with is responsive mobile operating system, brilliant make though Maps is quite disappointing in it.




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