From her humble beginnings in Millbrook to her meteoric rise as a global influencer, Astarbabyxox, also known as Stella Madison, has given her fans a plethora of memorable moments to cherish. In this article, we revisit some of the standout highlights from her illustrious career that not only shaped her journey but also left an indelible mark on her fans.

1. The First Viral Dance Video

A raw, authentic video of Astar dancing in her backyard to a trending song became an overnight sensation. This video was many people’s first introduction to the dynamo that is Astarbabyxox.

2. Launching ‘@astarbabyxox_official’

The day Stella Madison transitioned to Astarbabyxox on Instagram marked the beginning of an era. The branding shift was not just a name change; it was a declaration of intent, a promise of curated, authentic content.

3. The Jake Holland Beach Post

The Instagram post that confirmed her relationship with model Jake Holland had fans in a frenzy. Their candid laughter and genuine chemistry set the internet ablaze, becoming one of the most liked posts on her profile.

4. Winning the “Best Newcomer” Award

At the prestigious 2021 Social Media Awards, Astarbabyxox clinched the “Best Newcomer” title. The recognition by her peers and industry giants was a testament to her hard work and innovation in content creation.

5. Her Candid Talk on Mental Health

In a heartfelt Instagram Live session, Astar opened up about her struggles with mental health. Her vulnerability and advocacy for professional help resonated with many, sparking important conversations about mental well-being.

6. Collaboration with Global Brands

From local boutiques in Millbrook to global luxury labels, Astar’s fashion collaborations have always made headlines. Her partnership with a renowned fashion house for their summer collection remains one of the most anticipated events in the fashion calendar.

7. Ambassadorship for ‘Read To Grow’

Astarbabyxox’s role as an ambassador for the child literacy NGO ‘Read To Grow’ highlighted her commitment to giving back. The initiative brought forth her compassionate side, further endearing her to her fans.

8. The Launch of her YouTube Channel

Branching out from Instagram, Astarbabyxox’s foray into YouTube was a resounding success. Her long-form content, ranging from daily vlogs to in-depth tutorials, provided fans with a richer, more immersive experience.

9. The Rumored Fashion Label Announcement

While not confirmed, whispers about Astarbabyxox venturing into the fashion industry with her label have been making rounds. If true, this could be her most significant career move yet.

10. Millbrook Homecoming Event

Despite her global fame, Astar’s love for Millbrook remains unwavering. Her grand homecoming event, where she celebrated her success with her hometown folks, was a touching reminder of her roots.


Astarbabyxox’s journey, punctuated by these memorable moments, serves as an inspiration for many. Each highlight, be it personal or professional, adds layers to her narrative, making her journey a compelling tale of dreams, resilience, and unyielding passion. As she continues to carve her path, the world waits eagerly for the next chapter in the Astarbabyxox saga.


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