Handbags are evergreen accessories. There’s a different kind of bag for every occasion, purpose or an outfit. Handbags are a special favorite item with girls. You have a different kind of bag for a day out and a different for college days. There are numerous styles to choose from.Hence here in we have combined some ongoing bag trends which are classy yet functional. So whether it’s a picnic day or a regular college day, A girls day out or some party you have innumerable styles to match your occasion and yet allowing you to carry all those essentials effortlessly.

Sling bags:

These are one of the most popular and are multipurpose. Comes in a variety of styles and colors and thus can even match a party or a casual day out with friends. They come with enough room so that you can carry your cosmetics, money and a bit more of stuff. This one is also easy to carry.

Sling Bags for College Girls

These are a bit bigger than the former and comes in vibrant colors and in a variety of material choice. However the ones made of cloth are the most popular. They allow enough room so as to enable you to keep your two to three books. Appropriate for college days and also adding a chick looks to your overall attire.

Crossbody Bags for Girl

These ones are more or less like  sling bags only however usually small. One can either hang them up on a single shoulder or with a crossbody style.

One Strap Backpack

These are the kind with backpack style but with a single strap only. Thus unconventional and allowing you to carry loads of stuff at one go.

Nine West Handbag

Truly to make a statement these are one of a kind. Comes in variety of styles and colors. These one give you the high class feels. Trendy yet functional that  is allowing you to carry your much needed essentials effortlessly.

Fishing Backpack Bags

Okay so you aren’t the one who has normal college days wherein you have to carry just a book or two but rather have a professional college and thus you need  to carry all your research papers, submissions and books of course. But bored of having those black color big bag packs. So why not try this style. This is vibrant, trendy and a far cry from being boring.

Sling Backpack

Back pack with a sling style. This ones again a trendy and an unconventional choice.

 Laptop bags:

So you are a corporate lad and thus need to have your laptop handy. Gone are the days when the laptop bags used to be bulky and boring kind. These days you have special women laptop bags being trendy and functional both.


So you have a party to go to and in a dilemma how to carry those two three things of essentials? Not to worry clutches are here to the rescue. They are fancy, shimmery and apt for party nights. This also allows you to carry one essential or two. Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

So here were some fabulous styles of handbags and some trendy variants. We hope you liked this collection and pamper yourself to some bag accessories.

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