What to Watch and Wish for This Year

As the year begins, people look forward to what positive developments this new year will hold in store, and for many, that consideration goes beyond the usual personal or professional dreams to daydreaming about new technology. With laptops, the best laptop brands for 2016 are those that have shown ingenuity and tenacity, with an upward trajectory in 2015. To those that pay attention, these are the obvious brands to watch.

DellTop New 5 Dell Laptop Mobiles Tablet For 2016

Well known and, by many, well loved, Dell has withstood many years, sometimes more successfully than others, and 2015 has been one that had the company delivering consistent ingenuity and quality. Their product line ranges across the board, meeting the needs of professionals, students and gamers alike, that last with Alienware, their product line of gaming devices. Although they have not updated their software recently, but their display, audio and battery life are either keeping up with or surpassing that of competing brands. Price considerations are easily managed within the brand as well, with offerings for all budget levels. Taken as a whole, to conclude that Dell is one of the best laptop brands for 2016 does not require any foreknowledge.

AsusTop 5 Best Quality ASUS Laptop For 2016

If you are looking for a company that offers a wide range of styles and prices in laptops, Asus would be an excellent choice. The last year has seen their products topping “best of” lists with ease, from gaming laptops with their G751YJ, to budget 2-in-1’s with the Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA. They are particularly well known for offering a lot of features and performance for a very competitive price, an appealing fact for college students and young professionals, a desirable market audience that, by dedicating their purchasing power, almost guarantees a successful 2016.

LenovoTop 3 Amazing Lenovo Laptop For Students and Proffesionals with Graphic Cards

The last year proved to be a remarkable one for this long time underdog. Lenovo has products in many areas, and their line of laptops have been well received, despite problems arising, namely the adware incident, where laptops came loaded with them and compromised customer security. It is the fact that Lenovo has recovered and still released innovative devices, such as the LaVie Z, which is the lightest laptop on the market. This brand has found a niche as the brand with the largest selection of hybrids. This fact, along with consistent performance, makes Lenovo a good choice for students and professionals. To see a company endure and overcome adverse events marks them as a brand with potential and one of the best laptop brands for 2016.


Macbooks are the contribution of Apple, the primary alternative to the PC computing options. Even without the advancements in technology for which Apple is responsible, this brand would be one to watch because of their masterful manipulation of supply and demand. By limiting the amount of their product readily accessible to the general public during product release while simultaneously mass marketing and inflating interest, they have created an almost cult like following. Fortunately, the Macbooks are worthwhile, taking  laptop innovation to exciting places. For example, the continued advancements by Macbooks in lightweight portability are one reason that Macbooks are regarding as cutting edge technology. Taking a new processor, the Intel Core M, which had produced disappointing results in PC laptops tested, and created the Macbook 12 inch, a barely slower machine with good battery capabilities when compared to other Core M devices, while only weighing 2.04 pounds. Their remarkable innovation is counterbalanced by some significant drawbacks. Price tops the list of negatives for all Macbooks, with the cheapest offering at $899. However, even with that deterrent, Macbooks remain a popular brand and rank high in reviews, making their developments over the next year a focus for many.

HPTop 10 Best Laptop of HP Brand for 2016

If Macbooks are not considered, then HP would be a  contender, and likely winner, for the most advanced in design. When considering the HP Omen, they can even be seen as superior to Apple, where design has changed little in recent years. Unfortunately, other attempts at innovation have produced mixed results. For example, the SlateBook endeavored to bring the Android OS into the laptop arena, an effort that convinced many that it was probably best left to mobile devices. As the brand works out the more problematic areas of its new technology, 2016 should prove an interesting, and hopefully positive, year to watch for consumers.

SamsungTop 5 Laptop Brand in India for 2016 samsung Mobiles tablet Pc

As a laptop producer, Samsung was essentially average in 2015, some areas proving better than others of course. There have been some rather odd choices made as well that left buyers unimpressed. The fake leather wrapped Chromebooks come to mind. The year, for Samsung, was focused on a small number of devices and making tweaks on those, no major changes or developments. However, before questioning why they are even listed here, one should remember that Samsung is also the company that makes essentially everything electronic, and does it well. What could irreversibly injure another company, to this giant is merely a pause before they make the next new tech obsession.

ToshibaToshiba-840t-Top 5 Best Working Laptop for 2016 under $1000

Another company that inspires mixed feelings, Toshiba had some issues this year that it hopefully is bent on improving. Design, for example, had good points, but what was bad seemed to be especially so. Like the Satellite Click 2 Pro, a transformer, could barely disconnect from its keyboard and weighed over 4 pounds! On the other end of the spectrum, though, is the Portege Z20t, an innovative laptop with a number of nice developments, such as 17 hours of battery life and many modes for use. The one glowing area for Toshiba is value for the money a consumer pays. All of this brand’s laptops are priced competitively, making them still a viable options for many.

MSITop 5 Best Adorable Laptop for 2016 msi

For those into gaming, this brand is already on the radar. The last year saw them advance into a very competitive position, leading the gaming laptop pack in design and innovation. The Ghost and the Dominator Pro are excellent examples of the wide range offered in MSI’s design, with the ghost being amazingly small for their type and the Dominator’s looking like small cars. The larger devices are still made to be pleasing to the eye and the smaller still stand up to the heating issues that gaming laptops inevitably must battle. The selection here could be more varied, but similar to the Macbook’s, what they are doing, they are doing extremely well. Little known outside the gamer circles, this brand delivers a high quality product that expands in market every year. The next year, most likely, shall prove to be another path upward for this laptop brand.

Not everything covered here has been a plus in the ledger of each brand, some were quite clearly detractors. However, even in the case where serious issues have arisen, the proof already can be seen that they have continued forward regardless. As the year unfolds, all will most likely release new products, the good in order to maintain their rank and the not as good in order to change the conversation about them. Either way delivers new technology to the masses, creating and blazing a trail forward, giving new opportunities and chances to have fun or get some work done to the general public.

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