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Test your typing/writing speed

It might seem stupid, but it is not at all unimportant to maintain track of the length of time it takes one to write essay or a story. The evaluations to assess this suppose you’re just retyping something that has already been composed, although the best you might understand how quickly you can type in words per minute. What additionally do not count is the time or the time you require flipping between a source and your file you are quoting from.

If you’re a professional writer or a student, you’ll frequently get under tight deadlines. Unavoidably, something else will pop up, and you may find yourself wondering if you have the necessary time to take care of narrative or that additional assignment, when this happens. On the other hand, you might just wonder how long you should devote to each endeavor; to be certain you can complete everything in line with the deadlines that are proper.

Among the first things you should always do is to find a method through which you can finish the writing in the speediest manner possible. Frequently, this might call for finding a template you can use to boost your writing procedure. While a good many templates are included by Microsoft Office, there are many more templates to be located take advantage of the whenever you can!

Now, on to the “how” component. Microsoft Word makes this quite simple to do, really. Microsoft Word keeps track of the length of time you’ve spent editing a specific file, counting the time for each time you’ve got the file open. Remember, nevertheless, that this is counted by the application from the time the document opens to the time you shut it and save the document.
In this picture, you can see I have spent 80 minutes editing this doc. To get this display:

  1. Go to -> File
  2. See the Properties block on right hand side.

writing time tracker


With this advice in mind, you may have the ability to estimate the length of time it normally takes you to compose a particular kind of post, story, or essay.

This might not seem like info that is critical to have, but simply wait until editors or your teachers expect you to lay down 50,000 words in a weekend, and you will see just how significant it can be.

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