This is to inform all those who spend a lot of their money on Fiverr, Seoclerk etc for the sake of purchasing well written & Copyscape pass articles. If you read their content you find it readable and 100% Copyscape pass. But if you copy the content & put it into google translator & try to translate it into any language, it will just translate a few words & remaining will stay in English only.


It happens because Google can’t read those words because they are encrypted. These fake writers do this just to make their content pass Copyscape. For search engines, this is total garbage.

Let me show you encrypted article content

I just got an article from Fiverr and tried to translate its title in Hindi language:

Title of encrypted content: —–>

Ноw tо Κnоw Yоur Раst Lіfе

The Title(above) and Article( given in the link below) is completely encrypted text.

Check the output of Title in Translator with encrypted text

beware of fake article writing services


Now verify the output with regular text:


You can check the whole article for verification. Article given by seller is:

Download Encrypted Content


Following are the quick tips and simple ways to know fake writers.

Check the length & tone used in the reviews

Some of the reviews provided online may be too short and short reviews imply that the review may not be real. The person may be looking to create fake reviews and add the stars to attract the people who are looking for the writers. Ensure that you check the credibility of the reviews. The tone of the reviews sometime can tell whether they are real, emotional reviews are not related to independent people but someone looking to convince others using short-cut without knowing that it may be realized. Fake reviews are in most cases do not have the product that the person is talking about. This is because the reviewer may not be having in mind what product that they should talk about.

Fake Article Writer Fiverr Review
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Encrypted Content by article writers review
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The emotional content of the language used by the reviewer

It is easy to know the real content of the reviewer by the emotional language that they have used. Objective reviewer will always critique the product by highlighting both the positive and negative details and at the end give an independent summary. But if someone who was hired gives a review he/she may not give a true objective review. When the review just praises the product and will try to get other people to buy it. When the reviewer is objective and a rival he/she may call the product pathetic and of low quality and may go as far as giving an alternative product to the product that is being reviewed. When all the reviews are positive you should be cautious since not everyone will give you positive review despite the quality of your product or services.

Encrypted Content Fake Review Freelancer websites
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Check the reviewer past reviews

Also you can know fake writers by searching for their reviewers past reviews in other products or the same. If the reviewer has never reviewed any other product, it may lead to conclusion that the person is only exists virtually and was created just to satisfy the set goal. If they do not have a history of past reviews in other persons or products this may mean they are not in existence.

Encrypted Content Fake Review 4
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A lot of rapid reviews witching a short period

When someone gets a lot of reviews within a short period, it may mean that the person is either extremely good and delivers good contents or the reviews may be cooked. The only genuine writers take time to build their profile and at the end they may not have as many reviews as those of fake writers.  Fake writers are looking for short-cuts to getting work to do and they may use any means available for them including buying the reviewers. Reviewers are used as a measure of writer credibility and ability to deliver the needed articles on time. However, in this case the reviewers may not translate to good work but may expose the shallow person bidding for projects that he has no idea and thus use encrypted articles to make them appear as though original.

Skepticism if the reviewer admits biasness

The review may have accepted that they might not have read the book they are reviewing. But why would someone review an article that was sent. The reviewer should show the authority in the field and if it researching they need not to show any weakness on their credibility. This will show that the person might have been paid to just review the product so as to create and impression or boost the product sales. Fake writers are growing in numbers and because of the technological advances it is becoming a problem to identify the genuine article from the fake one.

Encrypted Content Fake Review 5
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Find out if the product was actually purchased

If the person bought the product through Amazon then there will be orange verification. The verification shows that the product was actually bought and therefore the review is genuine. Fake reviews are those from people who review the product without necessarily purchasing it. You cannot review something that you have never used or service that you have not been provided for.

Find out if the reviewer was given a free product

Person who was given a free product is most likely not to give an objective review of the product and service. The person will write biased review and therefore fake. There is need to only use people who bought the product and not those who were given for free in exchange for a review.  You can identify these reviewers and sort them to establish if the writer is fake or real. Fake writers will seek to use products to make the reviewer give a favourable review that may push their income, ensure that the reviews are not staged for the betterment of the products.

Using the customers bought section

You can also use the customers bought section to establish if the writer was genuine writer or not. When the customers are only giving the positive side of the products and tone used is emotional.

Beaware of Fake Article writers on Seoclerk
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Names and details

The fake writers know how to hide their details and they would not anyone to have their real names and even address. Since they know what they are doing is not legal they only prefer to work behind the scenes.  Fake writers do not have emails or pictures, but there is no need of making assumption without getting the facts.

Final Note:

Also, be aware of this kind of fake sellers on Fiverr like:

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