Bill Gates: A great business man and a millionaire who just started with a scratch and now he is the topmost businessman and the number one millionaire of the world since last 10 years.

Who might have had ever thought that a college dropout would become the front page of the Forbes magazine and would be in it for the most numbers of editions of it. He is not just a great entrepreneur and a great businessman as well as a millionaire, but also a very good person by heart.

Born and Brought up

Bill gates was born in the month of October dated 28, 1955 in a small town of Seattle, Washington. He was named as William Henry Gates III by his parents. He had a keen interest in the computer as well as Information technology field from a very small age. He was so brilliant by birth that he learned the full concept and methods of programming by the age of 13. He was a very intelligent student and was sent to the Lakeside school to complete his early primary as well as secondary school. After completing his school education, he pursued for his college. During college he struck out his one of his friends and presently his business partner Paul Allen, he did the right thing which was necessary for his way of being a millionaire at the right time by dropping out of the college.
Bill Gates didn’t belong to a very high class family. He was brought up by a middle class family with two of his sisters Kristaine who is older than gates and second one is Libby who is younger. His father was William H. Gates, Sr. Who was a promising but  a shy person. While pursuing his law study he met his future wife and mother of Bill Gates Mary Maxwell.
He was a great reader and a viscous one too. He used to spend a lot of hours reading some good books and referencing some journals as well as encyclopedia. While he was just in his Lakeside school pursuing his primary education he wrote a Tic – Tac – Toe game program in one of the most basic computer language which helped the users to play it in the computer.

Bringing up career

bill-gatesAfter completing his study at the Lakeside school, he got enrolled in the Harvard university all because of his prime intelligence in the fall. He used to think that he would pursue law and become  a lawyer like his father. However he used to spend his most of the college time in the computer lab rather than sitting in his class and studying some law rules and books.

Gates remained in the prime contact with one of his oldest friends named Paul Allen,  who earlier used to attend the Washington state university, later dropped it and moved to the city of Boston in Massachusetts so as to work for the Honeywell. Later Gates also joined Allen in the Honeywell in the hot summers of 1974 which brought up the turning point in his career. While working at Honeywell, Allen showed Gates a published edition of one of the most popular electronics Magazine that time which has published an article on the system of Altair 8800 which was a mile computer kit. This kit is made by one of the small company named as Micro Instrumentation and T Elementary systems.

Later Allen travelled to the MITS and tried out at the Altair computer. It really worked perfectly. Allen was hired in the MITS and then Gates soon left his college Harvard so as to work with him. His parents completely disagreed with his decision, but they would be really proud that he dropped out his college. In the year of 1975, Gates made a partnership with Allen and formed their own company named as Microsoft which was a joint venture of Micro Computers and Softwares.
Earlier Microsoft used to write and format some great software for different computer companies and at late 1978, Gates moved all his company’s operations to the Bellevue, Washington. Bill Gates was really happy that he came back to his home after all that year. Later he threw himself fully dedicated to his work. That time he had  a group of 25 employees of the young company and had some broad responsibilities for all the work load of product development, business development, operational as well as marketing. With his keen interest in this business, he placed himself as the head of this company, which grossed about 2.5 million dollars in the year of 1978, when he was just 23.

Rise of Great Microsoft

In the year of 1980, when IBM was need of a software for one of his launching Personal Computer (PC). Then they approached the company Microsoft. The most funny thing was that the one who came as a presenter of the IBM mistook Bill Gates as an office assistant and told him to serve some coffee. Gates that time did look too young, but he completely impressed the IBM. Gates later bought the operating system which could run on the computers same as that of the IBM’s PC.
Between the year 1978 and 1991, Microsoft grew up to a great height and the staffs increased from 25 to 128. Moreover, the value of the company went from 4 million dollars to 16 million dollars. Later the Microsoft windows just didn’t stop and now it is the most trusted and purchased operating system for the every PC which is present in the world except the Apple Mac. His company really grew well and the share prices became 21 dollars of which Gates held the 45 percent of the whole share and he became a millionaire at the age of 31. As time passed on the share prices just increased exponentially and so the value for his company.

Not just a billionaire but  a great Human

Bill Gates was very much influenced by his wife Melinda. He took his mother’s role as a civic leader. Later he became more and more generous and now he gives most of his profit into the charity. Bill Gates now holds a many a degree of distracting from all over the world and also the Honorary Knight Commander of the order of the British Empire which was provided by Queen Elizabeth II. Later he and his wife were also awarded the order of the Aztec Eagle all due to the generous work all through the globe in the areas of education as well as health.

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