Black Friday SEO Scams

Black Friday offers a variety of deals and discounts for consumers looking for great prices. Whether you’re starting on your Christmas shopping or looking to buy yourself a gift, Black Friday is the best day of the year to find great deals. While Black Friday shopping is popular among many Americans, it’s still important to exercise caution when purchasing products for exceptional deals on the internet. Make sure you check online for customer reviews, ratings, and buyer experiences, especially when considering purchasing SEO software. The SEO industry is 75% comprised of scams that entice consumers with their great prices and discount deals for products that are often useless and unnecessary. Some of the Black Friday SEO scams to be aware of include Bogus SEO software, Erroneous tools subscription, Crap SEO services, Black hat SEO scam, and Black hat SEO deals.

Black Friday SEO Scams

Bogus SEO Software:

Scammers often present their bogus SEO software during Black Friday to lure in unsuspecting customers. However, SEO software is often not useful since there are a variety of free tools available online. The software pushed by scammers are often not even worth 10% of their price. Scammers will offer a 75% discount on these bogus software scams to tempt people in believing they are scoring a great deal. SEO software scams are shrouded by fake pricing and outrageous discounts that leave customers deceived. Customers should make sure they do research before buying a product, especially one’s that offer extravagant deals and discounts. Some spam SEO software sold on Black Friday include:

Keyword Snatcher

Answer Analyst

Article Builder

The Best Spinner

Instant Article Factory

Accurank Tracker


Jiffy Articles


Instant Article Wizard

Keyword Canine


Content Ferret

Erroneous tools subscription

It is important to remember never to subscribe for automated tools that are often offered online for free. Many SEO tools can be found on the internet that are completely free and don’t require a subscription, and it is very difficult to find a valid SEO site that offers real discounts. Scam SEO sites will take advantage of Black Friday discounts to sell tools subscription at erroneous prices to con customers.

Crap SEO Services

SEO spammers sell crap SEO services on the internet, especially on Black Friday. Black Friday SEO deals are often promoted to customers under false pretenses, scamming people into paying for services that they can often do themselves in order to make a profit. Google does not monitor these advertisements so it’s up to you to remain wary of them and stay clear of scams deals.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEOs attempt to offer bad deals during Black Friday, promoting bogus deals through Google’s PPC or their black hat SEO service. Nearly all black hat SEO strategies are bad for search engines, and although search engines have become better at identifying search engine spams, black hat SEOs will still attempt to sell fake deals and discounts. It is imperative to remember these potential scams and remain cautious on Black Friday.


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