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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Locksmith in Chicago

Hiring a Locksmith in Chicago

Are you looking for a locksmith in Chicago? If so, you must be dealing with a lockout situation, or you need some home security improvements.

Irrespective of the reason, hiring a reputable professional is vital for getting the problem solved quickly and gaining access to your home. These experts provide a wide range of services, while some specialize in a given field. Residential and commercial services are unquestionably the most sought-after by customers.

If looking for a good locksmith in Chicago, these are the top benefits of hiring one.

Fast response

An important benefit of hiring a locksmith in Chicago is the quick response that you will be provided with. It often happens to homeowners to get locked out of their homes without having a backup key. Instead of feeling desperate, you should just contact an emergency locksmith to help you access your house/apartment in the fastest possible manner.

These specialists are trained to provide a quick response regardless of the complexity of the situation. They will either make a new key for your home or enable you to enter the property safely in a matter of minutes. Such a situation can happen to anyone, especially when rushing out the door to get something. Unless you bring your key with you, the door will probably close behind you, leaving the lock to engage.

Lost or broken keys

Another reason to hire a locksmith in Chicago is when dealing with scenarios like losing or breaking a key. If you happen to lose your keys, such a professional can rekey the lock and provide you with access. The same goes for situations when struggling with a broken key.

Keys undergo significant wear and tear over time because of regular use. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your key breaks inside the lock. In spite of the invested effort, most homeowners face difficulties in removing broken keys. Chicago locksmiths, however, have special tools for extraction and might even replace your lock if necessary. Check out some tips for the removal of a broken key from a door lock.

Remarkable expertise

Residents in Chicago stand to gain from hiring a locksmith because of its expertise. These professionals are skilled at handling damaged or broken locks by using the latest technology and their long-term experience in this field. They will do their best to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Whenever you cope with a lock issue, an experienced locksmith will certainly find a solution after having a look at the problem. While fixing the issue, these specialists make sure no additional damage is caused to the door or lock. Their ultimate goal is to fix the existing damage without causing extra problems for clients.

Hiring a Locksmith

Specialized services

Another benefit of hiring a locksmith in Chicago is their assortment of specialized services. Apart from basic services, some of these experts specialize in forensic or security services. Some professionals only provide residential services, whereas others specialize in commercial services.

In addition, certain locksmiths only work on upgrading home security systems, given the increased interest of homeowners in making their houses/apartments safer. Instead of traditional locks, most homeowners are recommended to install keyless systems, which prevent intruders from gaining access to your property. Follow this link, https://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Your-Home-Security, for some helpful advice on increasing your home security.

Experienced locksmiths will firstly assess your existing security system and then recommend the best available options for you in the market. The final decision will be based on your budget and preferences.

Moving into a new home

Residents of Chicago are strongly advised to hire a locksmith when moving into a new house/apartment. For instance, when purchasing an existing apartment, there is no way of knowing how many people have key copies, including the previous owner, potential former tenants, etc.

Even if when you purchase a new house/flat, you should have the locks rekeyed or replaced. It’s possible for the property manager or some of the workers to have key copies, which they used to access the place throughout the project.

A final note

Make sure to hire a trained, knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled professional.

It’s worth every single penny!

How to Know If A Shopping Website Is Safe?


Shopping online has become more popular than ever. While there are myriad advantages of browsing and buying on the web, there are also drawbacks. One concern shoppers may have is safety. If you are shopping online, it’s essential to make sure that you visit secure sites and you buy from reputable, trustworthy brands. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to know if a shopping website is safe.

How to shop safely online

Statistics from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center revealed that the most common example of cybercrime in over 50% of US states in 2019 was non-payment or delivery of goods purchased online. When you shop online, you want to make sure that the sites you are using are secure and that you are buying from companies that are going to fulfil their promises. There are risks associated with accessing, sharing and using personal data, hacks and security breaches and buying products, which never materialise. To minimise the chances of experiencing problems when using shopping websites, it’s crucial to know how to spot a safe, secure, reputable site.

Here are some steps to take and some signs to look out for when browsing and buying online:

  • Look for a privacy statement: privacy statements outline how websites and companies collect, store and use data provided by customers and clients. Check for a privacy statement before you enter your details into a website and take a few moments to read the text and make sure you understand what it means.
  • Look for the lock: when you go online, it’s always beneficial to check for the padlock sign, which is usually visible at the top of the page to the left of the URL. If there is a padlock, this means that the site is protected by SSL (secure sockets layer). The URL will appear as https, rather than http. If you can’t see a padlock, navigate away from the site.
  • Search for contact details: reputable retailers and businesses will usually include contact details on their websites, including a full address, email addresses and contact telephone numbers.
  • Opt for well-known, familiar, popular sites: the Internet provides access to independent stores and retailers and brands that are less well-known than chains and high-profile businesses, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. While shoppers have access to a wider range of products and unique items, there is also a risk of using websites that aren’t safe or buying from a business that is not legitimate. To enhance safety, try to opt for well-known sites and brands you’ve heard of before.
  • Look out for red-flag signs: it’s always useful to use your intuition when shopping online but it can also be helpful to keep your eyes peeled for red-flag signs, including spelling and grammatical mistakes, language that doesn’t read well or make sense, a lack of contact details and reviews, missing information about delivery and returns, and images and copy that have been taken from other sites.
  • Take care when providing personal information: when you place an order online, you will need to provide delivery details and make a payment but it’s important to be wary of sites that ask for additional information, which may not be required to complete the order. No retailer will need to know your social security number or your date of birth, for example.
  • Use a credit card where possible: if you’re planning to buy an item on a shopping website, it’s wise to look for sites that accept credit card payments. Credit cards offer better protection than debit cards. You can also use platforms like PayPal to avoid entering your card details.
  • Shop with a secure connection: whether you are spending a few dollars or hundreds of pounds, it is critical to understand the importance of shopping with a secure connection. Always make sure that you are using a private, secure network if you are making payments online. Avoid using public, open networks.
  • Create strong, unique passwords: passwords can help to bolster security but they don’t make shoppers invincible. Choose a unique, strong password that is impossible to guess and change your passwords frequently. It’s best to try and include symbols and numbers and a mixture of capital and small letters and to avoid names and important dates.
  • Search for site reviews: over 90% of consumers now check online reviews before making a purchase online or visiting a website. If you’re unsure whether a site is legitimate, or you have concerns about a business or brand, search for reviews and ratings online. It’s a good idea to steer clear of sites that have no reviews and low scores.


Shopping online is quick, easy and convenient and it can also save you money and provide access to a huge array of products. If you’re looking to buy online, always make sure that the shopping websites you use are secure and safe. Look out for red flags, check security certificates and privacy statements, read reviews, pay with a credit card and always make sure you are connected to a private, secured network.

How to Increase Traffic on News Website


Every single business has to have a website if they want to be functioning in their industry, and news websites are no different. A news website is packed with information, gossip, headlines and breaking news and more. If people aren’t getting to your website because you are not visible on the main search engine results pages, that’s a problem. Not only will people not be getting the headlines they need, your news business is going to be less profitable than other outlets – and that will not do!

So, how do you increase traffic to your news website? You need more customers, more clicks and more conversions and there are many ways that you can increase traffic to your website. The whole foundation of good inbound marketing is within the content you create. If your news content is not up to scratch or the most recent, people aren’t going to want to click through to your site. You know your audience is craving information, so you need to have regular blog posts, news articles, breaking news and more – and a great way to generate your content is to determine what your audience will be interested in the most. Some of the best ways to increase traffic to news websites includes the following:


Are you posting about world news or are you giving people industry-specific news? Contests can keep the audiences improving traffic on your site long after the competition is done. Promotions, blogs, social media postings and more can get your contest out there to your audience. There’s nothing wrong with freebies, so if you’re posting news about new types of coffee, offering samples as part of a contest will help to increase your click rate. It’s simple, but it’s very effective.


Social media polls are an excellent way to drive traffic to your news website. They’re such an underrated and underutilized way to get people to click through to your site. However, polls generate conversation and debate, just look at the comment sections on Facebook polls. If your news website needs more traffic, start on social media and you can tally your results and share them with your audience. You can write blog posts and film vlogs based on the poll content, too. So, going back to new coffee brands around the world, you can ask in a poll what people look for in their coffee. The results for this poll can be turned into articles and blogs, social media giveaways and more.

Approach Influencers

While we’re talking about social media polls, let’s talk about social media influencers. People who can come forward and make your business stand out are important, and your audience needs to relate to someone to make the right choices. So, if you want your audience clicking through to your website, advertising with social media influencers is a great way to talk about your website through a trusted source. Influencers influence, so if they’re talking to your audience about your site, you will gain more clicks!

Create Better Content

While we’re talking about using social media, you need to think about the content you’re putting out there. It’s all great to go and be proactive about increasing traffic with social media help, but if the content you’re putting out there isn’t up to scratch, there’s no point. You’re bringing people the news, so it needs to be well written, succinct, and most of all – regular! As a news website, people will subscribe and sign up, but only if your content is worth reading.

Make Your Headlines Hop

No, really. Ticker tape headlines are going to make a massive difference to your website. You need headlines that are compelling, that stand out and that catch the eye. If you’re seeing sites like BuzzFeed or Upworthy, you’re seeing them because of the headlines that they plaster online – they’re click worthy, tempting and they make sense for the content. You need to do the same thing if you want your news website to have an upswing in traffic.

Remember Your SEO

Optimizing your content is a worthwhile practice and can bring your website to the top of the search engine results pages. You have to make the most of every single piece of text, every internal link and every chance to boost your organic traffic. Your on-page SEO is important and it will all tie together with your internal linking.

Increasing traffic to your news website doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do have to pay attention to your content and how you promote it.

5 Ways Cannabis Impacts Dementia

Cannabis Impacts Dementia

Dementia is one of the most common and detrimental series of symptoms caused by brain damage.

Most people think of it as a disease that targets an older person’s memory. It is this, but dementia also has many other characteristics.

Along with memory lapse, dementia can also cause serious behavioral changes in those who have it, including anxiety and aggression.

Although dementia symptoms remain mostly incurable, there are certain courses of action people can take to lessen its effects on their wellbeing and livelihood. This includes cannabis.

Even though long-term research is still needed, many studies have shown the positive ways cannabis use impacts dementia.

1. Removes Dangerous Protein Buildup in the Brain

A key physical indicator that points to dementia is the buildup of protein, known as amyloid, in brain matter.

Amyloid is not a naturally-occurring protein, and actually disrupts brain function. In other words, it can make the symptoms of dementia even worse in patients.

Several lab studies have shown that different cannabis components may actually remove amyloid buildup. If proven, cannabis can become a serious weapon in the battle against dementia-related memory loss.

2. Relieves Anxiety

You may be surprised that Cannabis is a well-known anxiety reducer. But it’s true! That is, as long as you use the correct type.

THC, the cannabis component that produces its hallmark psychoactive “high” feeling, is more likely to produce a feeling of anxiety than to relieve it. So anyone with anxiety disorders, especially if they have dementia, should steer clear of cannabis strains with high levels of THC.

However, cannabis’s CBD compound actually reduces feelings of anxiety in people with social disorders. It increases blood flow to specific brain regions normally deprived when anxiety strikes.

For those who have dementia, anxiety is a very common symptom. Adding CBD oil to a doctor-prescribed medicinal regimen can prove beneficial.

3. Prevents Short-Term Memory Loss

Terpenes are chemical compounds found in cannabis that are responsible for its aroma and flavor profile. They also play a direct role in how specific cannabis strains affect the mind and body.

Just as terpenes are ubiquitous to cannabis, so is memory loss to dementia.

Specific cannabis terpenes actually improve short-term memory loss.

The cannabis terpene Pinene, which produces a peppery, citrusy, and earthy aroma, counters short-term memory loss. It also reduces inflammation and improves mental focus, other dementia symptoms that cannabis impacts.

4. Can Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is another common and unpleasant side effect of dementia. In general, sleep disturbances disrupt as many as 25% of people with mild to moderate dementia and 50% of people with severe dementia.

Several causes relating to dementia seem to cause issues like insomnia and other serious sleep disorders, like sundowning and sleep apnea. This can be attributed to the

In a lab study of mice, medical cannabis successfully repaired the neuron structure in older mice, curing their fits of sleeplessness.

Though studies are needed with human participants, this is another exciting possibility in the ongoing research into dementia neuropsychiatric treatments.

5. May Relieve Feelings of Agitation

Another behavioral byproduct of dementia is agitation, most notably experienced by people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Agitation that takes the form of physical aggression is another unfortunate side effect of the neurological damage associated with dementia.

When someone with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease feels overwhelmed, they may lash out physically or verbally in an aggressive manner. This is dangerous in many ways, resulting in the Alzheimer’s patient hurting themself or those around them.

Cannabis may relieve agitation in those with dementia, which can result in fewer aggressive episodes.

It is thought to do so by reducing symptoms that cause agitation in the first place, such as eliminating pain, depression, and stress, and allowing for better sleep.


Dementia is a set of symptoms that have both mental and physical consequences. And while it is often associated with memory loss in older adults, it can affect adults in their 30s and 40s.

There is also no straightforward medical treatment for people who have dementia. But early studies tell us cannabis can have meaningful impact on dementia and its myriad symptoms.

What Does Chiropractic Care Do For You?

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic has been around for thousands of years, as early as Egyptian times. Today, chiropractors are licensed, trained doctors who practice in outpatient or hospital settings, and they focus on a variety of physical problems. Although the field has a wide scope, chiropractors are most commonly associated with back pain and the manipulation of joints and muscles. However, the discipline is far more diverse than most people realize, including a variety of alternative forms of treatment that have been proven effective by health professionals.

Chiropractic only treats back problems

Chiropractic has always been a pseudoscience concerned with the treatment and prevention of muscular disorders of the skeletal system, specifically the spine. Many people incorrectly think that chiropractic only treats back problems and muscular pains, but the practice of chiropractic actually includes the understanding and manipulation of neurological structures that control the functions of various organs in the body.

Chiropractors also treat various other conditions. Some of these conditions involve the spine itself, such as whiplash. The manipulation of vertebrae may help to stabilize the spinal column and reduce back pain. Some of these conditions involve the nervous system and are responsible for most diseases of the nervous system. Some of these conditions involve a combination of chiropractic drop table treatments.

Many people seek chiropractic care to relieve their back pain and other musculo-skeletal disorders, but some seek chiropractic care for other health concerns. These people are more likely to seek chiropractic care for chronic illnesses or a variety of conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and digestive problems.

In general, anyone who believes in the value of complementary and alternative therapies should consider seeking the services of a chiropractor as their health care provider. The benefits of chiropractic treatments include the use of gentle manipulation to correct muscle imbalances and spinal misalignment, along with a wide variety of techniques and treatments aimed at increasing overall health.

Chiropractic services to help people

While the discipline of chiropractic care is primarily focused on the treatment and prevention of health issues, there are other uses for chiropractic care. For example, chiropractors offer chiropractic services to help people who are suffering from the complications of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The goal of any chiropractor is to help you feel better and to relieve your symptoms, but this can be accomplished without surgery or drugs. When a patient first gets a treatment at a chiropractor’s office, it’s important to make sure that you discuss any concerns that you may have before the treatment begins. For example, some patients report feeling numbness, tingling, or weakness in their hands and feet after chiropractic manipulations, and others report pain in the stomach, lower back, and shoulder after chiropractic manipulation. Because of this, patients should talk to their doctor about any concerns that they may have about their treatment.

Once your chiropractor has assessed your back pain and spinal issues, he or she can create a plan of care that will target the cause of your pain, as well as the causes of other symptoms that may be occurring. There are many different methods of treatment, including chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, and other manipulative procedures.

Some types of chiropractic manipulation involve using hand techniques, while other methods use the chiropractor’s hand as a part of the treatment. In some cases, a chiropractic professional may recommend that you try acupuncture in order to treat your back pain, but most professionals agree that this type of treatment is very time consuming, painful, and can have little or no effect on your pain levels.

For spinal manipulation, you’ll be asked to lie down on a table, with your hands in a brace on your legs. Your chiropractor will use his or her hands to massage your spine, making sure that your vertebrae and discs are properly aligned.

Manipulation techniques that your chiropractor may use include the use of electric pulses, which are directed at the joints or soft tissue to relax the muscle tissue. Other techniques include manual traction, which involves gently pulling on specific areas of the spine, or the use of traction devices that your chiropractor may carry with them to apply pressure.

Chiropractic care does not diagnose or treat any physical health conditions or diseases. It’s important to realize that chiropractic treatments will not cure your medical condition or make it go away, so don’t think that you need to stop any medications if your condition is not responding to standard treatments.

SEO Hacks To Give Your Rankings A Boost

SEO Hacks To Give Your Rankings A Boost

SEO is the holy grail of every marketer in 2021. Unfortunately, it is not something that happens overnight with little to no effort. The latest statistics suggest that more than 63,000 searches are conducted on Google every second. Meanwhile, over a third of these searches take the user to a website on the first page. That means a person would find the relevant answer to its query on the first page. It shows that the competition is stiff in the online landscape, and every business owner is striving to climb to that top SERPS. But why do businesses need SEO more than before?

In recent times, all businesses have been flocking to digital transformation, increasing SEO and its importance. Simply shifting to online business with a website and social media is not enough to target your audience and generating sales. Your business needs digital marketing strategies to strengthen your online presence to help the customers discover your business. All of this is possible with an efficient and unique SEO strategy. SEO aims at increasing the quality and quantity of the content on your website to increase its engagement online.

With the billions of searches occurring on the search engines, your business might need to focus on how searchers can discover your business’s products and services. SEO allows businesses to discover the keywords/queries that their audiences are searching online. With these, businesses can create and optimize the content to target this audience and convert them into customers. But that is not enough to stand out in the ever-rising competition of the digital landscape, and marketers have to go beyond content optimization. With that said, let’s discuss some SEO hacks to give your website’s rankings a boost.


Link building is still the most effective off page SEO technique that can push your website rankings on SERPs. Most people follow a myth that backlinking is dead and does not suffice for SEO in 2021. But on the contrary, Google focuses on giving the vote of confidence through the backlinks to give the rank position to the most relevant and contextual information. It is essential to build quality backlinks to make the most out of the off-page SEO strategy and achieve higher rankings. The link building indeed takes some time and struggle to acquire backlinks. One of the best approaches to create passive and unlimited backlinks is by creating original research or study. All you need to do is pick a subject and start your research on forums, surveys, and polls. Putting this research together in the form of content will build a resource that everyone wants to link. This way, you can make a one-time effort to acquire quality backlinks for the long run.


Voice search is taking the world by storm with the new age of SEO practices. Your business can also leverage the voice search keywords to gain a competitive edge over the competitors and outrank them on the search engine. With over 55% of the users already relying on voice search, optimizing the content with questions remains crucial for rankings. Since most voice searches involve the question, you might need to start targeting the long-tail question-based keywords for your content. All you need to do is perform keyword research to discover the lucrative keywords that the audience can search with voice search features.


Not just the content but optimizing the images can also boost your website’s rankings. The wisdom behind the images is that Google determines the content relevancy itself. Since the users can also lookup images’ content, Google encourages the websites to optimize their images. For that instance, you can use alt tags to make your images more discoverable on Google for search queries. It will not only boost your content relevancy, but the visitors can also land on your website to consume the available content.

Make sure to reduce the size of the images on your website to ensure faster reloading speeds. Large and bulky images can reduce your overall site speed, leading to an increase in page bounce rate. The higher bounce rate can result in decreasing your efforts for site rankings.


One of the most prominent yet always neglected strategies for SEO is writing the titles and meta description. Increasing the website traffic and rankings goes hand in hand. That means even if your website is ranking higher, it is of no use if you are not gaining any click-through rates. This is where you need to optimize your titles and meta descriptions to gain clicks and generate traffic to your website. Writing compelling and engaging titles can encourage users to click on your website’s search results. Meanwhile, the meta-description can give a small snippet or summary of information to address what visitors can expect while landing on the page.


Not just the content, but you can also engage the audience by creating appealing infographics on your website. They are a great way to gain a ranking boost since most searchers prefer graphical data over text. Not only can they cram a lot of information into a blog, but they also retain the visitors to your website. Professionals recommend picking up a trending topic in the digital market and creating it 10x better with the visual content. This way, you can achieve a higher number of search traffic, leading to higher rankings signals from Google.


Most businesses neglect the use of social media for their website. Meanwhile, social media can assist in increasing quality traffic to your website. However, social media likes and followers do not have a direct impact on your rankings. But the incoming traffic and retaining visitors add the ranking signals that can shift your website to higher search results. Make sure to publish relevant and engaging content for your social media audience to keep them around your website.

Final Words

Some countless different practices and strategies can extend your website reach with higher rankings in the SERPs. These strategies are indeed intimidating and complex. But starting from small is the key to secure a position in the rankings of Google.

5 Tips on How to Build a Healthy Relationship

Build a Healthy Relationship
Happy young couple having fun outdoors.

About 64% of Americans feel that they are at least “very happy” with their current relationship. Are you one of them? If not, then it’s time to make some changes.

This doesn’t mean you have to break up and find someone new. Instead, you can start making changes with your partner to improve and build a healthy relationship.

Try these healthy relationship tips and start enjoying your partner more.

Set Realistic Expectations

Relationship building doesn’t happen overnight. Set realistic expectations about what you want from each other. No one will be the perfect human in every way.

Understand what’s important to you and what you’re willing to compromise on. Being in a healthy relationship is accepting someone for who they are and not trying to change them.

Communicate and Listen

There’s a time for talking, and there’s a time for listening. If you want your partner to listen to you, then you need to afford them the same respect. It helps to take turns and dedicate an agreed-upon amount of time for each person to be heard.

Don’t just hear your partner; listen to what they are saying to you. Address your partner’s fears, concerns, and issues directly. When each party feels heard, satisfaction with the relationship increases.

Focus On the Present

You’ll never be able to move forward and build a relationship if your foundation is unstable. Avoid using language such as “never” or “always” when talking to each other. Once you decide to build and work on your relationship, you need to focus on that.

Address past issues, and move on. It’s ok to agree to disagree, just don’t keep bringing these points of contention up. Don’t hold grudges or continue to punish each other for past actions.

Do Couple Activities

You can’t bond and build a relationship if you aren’t spending time together. Do couple activities where it’s just you and the other person. Focus on each other and learn more about who they are, their likes and dislikes.

Take turns choosing activities. This is your chance to share a passion each of you has with the other. It’s also good to try something that’s completely new to each other.

Make Time For Intimacy

Forming a healthy relationship is about addressing all aspects of your relationship. This includes intimacy and romantic moments. You can check out options from Pure Romance for aids.

Take turns sharing fantasies and exploring each other. Create a safe space where both parties can comfortably explore their sexuality. This deepens the level of trust between you two and the bond you have.

Build a Healthy Relationship Today

With these tips, you know how to build a healthy relationship. Now it’s time to put them into action. Start communicating and listening to each other.

Create a clean starting point where you move forward building a relationship. Spend time together doing couple activities and bonding on a more intimate level.

Browse our other health and lifestyle articles and get more tips on living a long and happy life.

Things You Should Know About Customer Survey Open-Ended Responses


You’ve heard that it’s a great idea to get to know what your customer thinks about your brand, product or service. You know that if only you can get into their thoughts, you’d be able to serve them better. And if you can really serve them better, one thing is sure: You’ll turn those customers into raving fans.

So how do you go about getting into their thoughts? How do you know what they like about your product or service? How do you know what they dislike or hate? You can get all those bits of information by having a survey. But what type of survey should you have if you want to REALLY get a broader view or a deeper reach into your customer’s thought?

Well, most would recommend that you go for surveys that have open-ended questions that lead to, you guessed right, open-ended responses. So if you’ve decided to go with that, let’s walk you through a few things you should know…

What Is An Open Ended Response?

Just to be sure that we are all on the same page, we need to define what we are talking about…

An open-ended response is the type of answer a customer provides to a survey that does NOT restrict them to multiple choice answers or one-word/phrase answers. They usually give the respondent enough room to write what they think in details. They are usually free-form, allowing people to share their true thoughts as much as possible.

To get a good open-ended response, you need to have the right open-ended questions. If you miss that, you might NOT get the kind of feedback that will result in actionable data. That takes us to the next question…

What Are Some Good Examples Of Open Ended Questions?

Before we give you examples of good open-ended questions and why they are good, let’s share a few examples of bad ones and why they are bad…

When did you get your first pet?

This question is an example of a bad one because there can ONLY be one answer for each person. It won’t change if twenty different brands or companies ask the same question.

Who was the most influential person in your hometown when you were a teenager?

This is another bad example for the same reason.

Now let’s change these two bad examples to better open-ended questions (You can get more examples by clicking here)…

How did you feel when you got your first pet and how did it affect your life going forward?

What was it like to be mentored by the most influential person in your hometown as a teenager?

These new examples are good because they make it easy for your respondents to share their peculiar experiences without you leading them to a specific outcome. You are sure to get a depth of responses with questions formatted this way.

What Are Advantages Of Open Ended Questions? 

  1. It is easier for the researcher to know what the respondents truly feel about the questions asked.
  2. The researcher gets “richer” answers that enable him/her to pull out more actionable data from the survey.
  3. The researcher gets a truer picture of the respondents’ position as his/her questions are not leading to preselected options.
  4. A respondent cannot just pick an option out of multiple choices without reading the questions. This compels each respondent to read and understand each question before attempting to answer. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of getting answers that aren’t a true reflection of what your respondents’ positions are.

What Are Disadvantages Of Open Ended Questions? 

  1. They usually require more time as each respondent would have to put in more effort to answer the questions. And because of this, the likelihood that many will NOT want to participate in your survey increases. If a survey doesn’t have enough respondents, you won’t be able to get data that’s a true representation of your customer base (Visit https://academic.oup.com/eurpub/article/27/5/909/3926150 to see reasons for non-participation in surveys and things you can do about them).
  2. The scope and details given in each answer might vary as widely as a few words to multiple paragraphs. This, in turn, will make collating data and arranging them in such a way that they’ll be useful a lot more difficult.


Getting open-ended responses from your customers will help you gather depths of information that you can’t get in any other way. However, it’s important that you also note the cons associated with it. Do these and you’ll get a great result.

What is the standard form and how to calculate it properly

What is the standard form and how to calculate it properly

The standard form is the best way of writing down a very large number as 104=10000.

Also, 3 x103=3000.

Such that, 3000 can be written as 3 x 103.

By using this method, you can quickly write a very large number into its standard form without any hurdle.

On the other side, you can also write small numbers into the standard form as well.

Also, being positive in the above example can occur in the negative index for specific values.

The basic rule of writing a stand form explains that first write down the number between 1 and 10.

After that, simply write down the number as “x10” (i.e. the power of the number).

Example of the large Standard Form

The standard form of 72 900 000 000 000 is:

7.29 x 1013.

The standard of a number 0.000 002 4 is:

2.4 x 10-6.

Standard Form Conversion

The basic purpose of the standard form is to minimize the difficulty in reading a very large or very small number just within a few seconds.

The standard form of any given number between 1 and 10 will be multiplied by the power of 10.

For example, 1.4 x 103

The standard form can be converted into the mention below types:

  • Real Numbers
  • Scientific Notation
  • E-Notation
  • Engineering Notation

Manipulation in the Standard Form

The manipulation in standard form can be easily explained through the following example:

Let’s suppose a number ‘A’ written in the standard form as; 7 x 105

And the standard form of the number ‘B’ is; 3 x 10-2

To calculate A x B, simply multiply the first two bits of the mentioned number together and the other two second bits together as:

7 x 3 x 105 x 10-2 = 21 x 103.

The standard form of the two manipulated numbers is:

“A x B” = 21 x 103.

How to Calculate Standard Properly?

The standard form can be calculated by the mentioned below two methods:

  • Calculate it Manually
  • Calculate it by using Online Calculators

How to calculate standard form manually?

To calculate S.F manually by adding or subtracting methods, simply follow the mentioned blow steps:

  1. Quickly convert the given numbers from standard form into the simple numbers
  2. Complete the Manual Calculation Process
  3. Simply convert the answer back into the S.F

For example, Calculate (3.5 x 103) + (3.35 x 105)

= (3.5 x 10000) + (3.35 x 1000000)

= 35,000 + 3,350,000

= 3,385,000

= 3.385 x 106.

Also, while performing the multiplication process, follow the below steps:

  • Multiply the first numbers
  • Use the Laws of Indices to the powers of 10

Let’s take an example:

Suppose two different numbers as;

P = 3 x 102

Q = 5 x 105

To multiply these two numbers as P x Q

(3 x 102) * (5 x 105)

Quickly multiple the first numbers as 3 x 5 = 15.

Then apply the index law on the powers of 10 as:

  • 102 * 105 = 102+5 = 107
  • (3 x 102) * (5 x 105) = 15 x 107.


How to calculate standard form by using online calculators?

Another quick way to calculate the standard form is the usage of multiple online calculators.

These online calculators have some excellent features to convert the standard form of a number into real numbers, scientific notation, and E-Notation.

The standard notation is the basic way of writing normal numbers.

And to convert numbers to standard notation, users can use standard notation calculator.

The calculator has some incredible features that can help you to convert the numbers just within a single click.

Simply put the values in the calculator and calculate the numbers within a few seconds.

Final Words

The standard form is widely used to minimize the reading difficulty of very large numbers.

Also, the standard form can be calculated manually or by using online calculators.

By using an online calculator, you can save a huge amount of time and effort.

The online S.F converts numbers into other forms just within a single click.

Is an honorary doctorate a real degree?


Did you know that you can have a college diploma without attending university? You can easily skip through the academic process and its requirements by getting an honorary doctorate degree.

Every year hundreds of people gather on school grounds to witness students officially receive academic recognition. This is a memorable ceremony called graduation. This is the moment every student is waiting for. It is the day when they will finally get to hold the value of years of hard work and dedication–to get their diploma parchment finally.

However, among the list of awardees are non-members of the student body. There are celebrities, artists, business tycoons, politicians, and other notable public figures that are waiting in line. None of them ever attended the granting university or have any official relation to the institution at all.

How come these people get to walk on stage and receive a college certificate without participating in any of the university’s course offerings? Simple. They are recognized for their notable contributions to society and their industries by having an honorary doctorate degree.

Understanding doctorates

Doctorates or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees are the highest recognition people earn from formal education. But what makes Ph.D. degrees so valuable? The answer relies on the rigorous and challenging process you need to pass through to get one.

That said, the following are the common demands of a doctorate program:

Have a previous academic background relevant to your industry

A Ph.D. degree is a graduate certificate. Meaning, you cannot earn this recognition if you do not have any form of formal schooling. This is because you must have a Master’s degree or at least a Bachelor’s in order to enroll in a graduate program.

Your previous academic background will ensure the university you are entering that you have enough knowledge in your field to pursue the highest academic recognition. After all, Ph.D. programs are mostly about utilizing your expertise to produce novel contributions to society and academically document it through a dissertation.

Obtain some field expertise

In order to provide fresh ideas and discoveries in your industry, you must first have an understanding of how it works. Therefore, having firsthand professional experience is a must when planning to enter grad school.

By having field expertise, you can efficiently detect problems in your sector and therefore know how to properly address them. Aside from that, you will also have a more easy journey throughout your degree program. This is because you have enough knowledge, to begin with.

Collate letters of recommendations

Graduate schools need to be assured that you are qualified to enter its degree programs. Aside from your previous transcripts of records, they evaluate the validity of your credentials through letters of recommendations. These should be from previous employers, mentors, coworkers, classmates, or professional acquaintances.

Letters of recommendation are great to improve your application status further. This is because it offers a third-party perspective on your industry expertise. Thus, making your application more convincing.

Pass GRE exams

Graduate Record Examinations or GRE is the grad school equivalent of SAT and ACT. All of which are standardized exams designed to assess a student’s mental preparedness for the academic recognition they wish to pursue.

Universities offering graduate degrees, such as Master’s and Doctorates, use Graduate Record Examination results to supplement your undergraduate records, field expertise, and letters of recommendation. Therefore, having satisfactory or above satisfactory GRE results is a must if you wish to enroll in a Ph.D. degree program.

Submit a personal statement

Lastly, you will also have to submit a personal statement. This is similar to recommendation letters. The only difference is that you are the one writing it. Within this letter, you must include why the university should consider your application. It would be best if you also let them know which benefits you can offer, especially in research and other academic goals. And the more advantageous your proposals sound, the more chances of the university approving your application.

Aside from the strict admission demands of graduate schools, Ph.D. programs also have the most challenging coursework requirements. To begin with, there are the classes that you need to attend to learn the fundamental foundations in your industry. Then, there is the lengthy and deadly journey of completing a dissertation, an academic journal similar to a thesis, that can take years to finish.

Because of these reasons, having a doctorate or a Ph.D. degree is the best achievement you can get. With this academic recognition, you become a highly-valuable expert that many people look up to.

What is an honorary doctorate degree

Unlike common Ph.D. degrees, an honorary doctorate degree has a significantly opposite value. These certificates do not hold any academic merit at all. They serve some similarities to ornaments, impressive to have but only have a minimal function. Simply put, they are mere certificates of acknowledgment for achievements earned outside a traditional school setting.

Although mostly unheard of, these certificates have long been around the academic industry. The first honorary doctorate degree is believed to have been granted in 1478 by England’s Oxford University. It was given to a young bishop and head of the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter who is from an affluent family. This bishop, later on, became the university’s chancellor.

Since then, academic institutions have begun to grant honorary doctorate degrees to wealthy people from noble backgrounds and have enough connections. These people have the capabilities to bring advantageous contributions to the granting institution. They do this through financial, material, and expert donations.

However, in a much more modern setting, universities can grant honorary doctorate degrees to average members of society. Meaning, even you can obtain this prestigious award. Not to mention, there are thousands of honorary doctorates given out every year. And even the most elite schools are bestowing this certificate.

How to get an honorary doctorate degree

There are two ways of getting an honorary Ph.D. or honorary doctorate degree. The first one is to be nominated. And the second one is to apply for it voluntarily. Either way, it is the university that will assess whether you are worthy of this recognition or not.

Those who usually get honorary Ph.D. degrees are people who have contributed significantly to their communities, especially to the granting institution. For example, they gave a hefty donation alongside their application letters. Or some simply have life-changing inputs to society, such as a novel invention or a highly-beneficial business venture.

On the other hand, people who were not handpicked by university officials must personally submit an application. Within your application, you must include:


A portfolio is a collection of documents proving your expertise. Its content varies from sample works to relevant certificates and awards from different pursuits. It is the tool that will highlight your credentials.

Some of the things you can put in a portfolio are:

  1. Sample works if you are an artist, musician, writer, artisan, and the like.
  2. Certificates of previous employment
  3. Research papers if you have a novel invention
  4. Awards and recognitions if you attended training and community voluntary works.
  5. Records of your previous academic background if available.

Overall, your portfolio must contain essential materials that will greatly showcase and support your expertise. Remember, it is the very basis of evaluation for your honorary doctorate degree.

Letter of recommendation

A portfolio alone is not enough to convince the panel to approve your application. After all, it is a personal collation of your achievements. In order to have a more strong claim to your credentials, your portfolio must come along with letters of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation are testimonials from people who witnessed your achievements firsthand. These people can vary from your workmates, previous employers, co-attendees of a seminar or community work, mentors, family, and friends. Basically, anyone who can attest on your behalf that your stroke of genius is indeed true.

That said, if you are interested in an honorary doctorate degree, it would be best to find ways to have a good professional network. By having a lot of acquaintances and by maintaining a good relationship with them, you will have more people to write letters of recommendation to support your application.

Character references

Again, honorary doctorate degrees are given to people who have significant contributions or provide benefits to those around them. And most of these awardees exude and maintain a positive public impression. In that regard, you, too, must have an impressive and exemplary character that can serbe as an inspiration to others

That said, those who wish to have honorary degrees must include character references in their applications. You can do this by providing a list of people who the university can contact to inquire about your personality and character background. Make sure that they know you well and have long been around you for their statements to be valid. To add to that, it would be best if these are different from the people who wrote your letters of recommendation.

Getting an honorary doctorate degree is not easy. Sadly, it is only convenient for those who already have established careers or people who have a good network to support their applications. Thankfully, there are third-party degree providers that let you buy an honorary doctorate degree online. This process is easier and more practical since the certificate will come directly from accredited universities and pass legalization and verification processes to ensure that your degree certificate will safely appear on background checks.

Honorary vs. standard doctorates

Traditional Ph.D. degrees hold a far more worth as an academic value over honorary doctorate degrees. However, in terms of convenience and ease of access, honorary Ph.D. degrees take the lead. This is because the latter is easier to obtain and only requires you to work on your experiences and turn it into achievements.

Honorary doctorate degrees are also relevantly cheaper compared to traditional Ph.D. degrees. Your only investment in gaining an honorary certificate is your expertise, contributions, and your group of acquaintances. Meanwhile, if you were to earn a conventional doctorate, you must first obtain undergraduate degrees then enroll in a graduate school, which can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The only problem with honorary doctorate degrees is the negative stereotypes surrounding it. People think that these certificates do not offer any benefit or advantage. However, they are wrong. If honorary Ph.D. degrees do not serve any value, then why is it given only to notable individuals?

That said, below are some ways on how you can use an honorary doctorate degree:

  1. You can use it to earn higher income potential since it is a great tool to increase your value as a professional.
  2. It can serve as a credential booster to achieve faster career growth, which means acquiring higher-ranking positions in your company.
  3. Honorary doctorates can be used alongside your traditional undergraduate degrees to strengthen your professional credibility.
  4. It will make your skills and industry know-how more in demand, therefore attracting a lot of better working conditions.
  5. Honorary Ph.D. degrees can help you easily pass job acquisition and find new employment opportunities.

However, to truly enjoy these benefits, it is best to only get your honorary doctorate degree from accredited universities or other academic institutions. And if you cannot be bothered to go through the strict application process, you can always buy one online from authentic degree sellers. By doing so, not only will you enhance the benefits of being a degree holder, but you will also fast-track your way into achieving the success you have always yearned for.