In this day and age, information dissemination is a pretty huge concern. Everyone wants to be kept on the loop. They feel the need to get involved whenever, wherever. This ignites the need for the development of a program that can facilitate fast and wide sharing of data. We need the type of program that can reach anyone, anywhere in milliseconds.

But well, that has already been invented.

I’m talking about instant messaging (read more). It’s the program or system that allows us to electronically send text data in real time. Through the years, this simple transfer of letters and numbers has evolved into greater discoveries. We can now send photos, video, audio, and other types of data over the internet through the help of third party communication platforms such as social media and email providers. It’s truly remarkable how we have improved in a matter of decades. We have come so far from the snail mail times. From pen pals we now have Facebook friends. From overly expensive international calls and texts, we now have 100% free online communication systems.

And it’s good right? Everything is absolutely good.

However, through constant use of this new e-messaging system, a new problem has surfaced: Sending texts one at a time can be very wasteful. In a sense that you’re not only wasting energy crafting each and every message, you’re wasting precious time as well.

C’mon people; it’s 2019. Personal messaging is now a thing of the past – especially for people running big companies. Sending individual texts and messages as a way to exchange information is long past us. We have now entered a phase where communication must be faster, easier, and more accessible to people of all kinds in all places. This made the development of Group Messaging possible.

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Just imagine. You’re in a work group of ten and you’re the team leader. All the updates, you hear firsthand. This makes you responsible to inform all the other group’s members. Having to message each and every person in the group every time there’s a new update is a bit of a hassle. It will definitely cost you more time and energy – time and energy you cannot even afford to waste. And mind you, we’re only talking about standard relays of information here. We haven’t even discussed file sharing, opinion surveys, and all those other things essential to the dealings of the group. Relying on personal messaging alone is definitely a roundabout way of getting the job done.

Anyway, why would you even let yourself silently suffer from the hassles of singular communication when there is a far better option for you to take?

What Exactly Is Group Messaging?

What Exactly Is Group Messaging

Group messaging is what modern workgroups utilize to keep information circulating among members of the group (Check out: In GM, the sender is allowed to address a single message to many individuals at once. Advance systems, like what we see in social media group messaging applications, even allow every member of the group to participate in the conversation.

Say, you’re a group of five. Using group messaging, one member can send a message to the entire group all at once. Other than the initial message, the whole group is also allowed to follow the entire flow of the conversation by having visual access to replies and they may also join in whenever (or wherever) necessary. Aside from text data, most group messaging software also support the exchange of graphic and audio information – from photos to GIFs and video files. We refer to this information as the collective data of the group and it is stored in the group’s shared inbox, accordingly.

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Modern group messaging applications really present a lot of benefits and perks for many organizational bodies. Office-based companies will definitely find it easier to relay new instructions coming from department heads and administrators. Students, too, can benefit from group messaging software by being able to exchange information about assignments, classes, projects, and other school-related tasks with fellow classmates and teachers.

This modern way of communication will certainly open up many new opportunities for you and your company which is why we know YOU NEED IT.

Here are a couple of reasons why we think getting a shared virtual inbox is good for your core group:

A Shared Inbox Can Facilitate Faster Exchanges of Information

In a working group, it is necessary that info exchanges are transferred fast and conveniently. When data flow is fluid and consistent, more work can be done and less time. Without doubt, team collaboration will definitely improve and communication lines will be better. The faster the exchange of the information, the more productive a team will be.

A Shared Inbox Can Store Confidential Data Away From Prying Eyes & Ears

Next, having a shared inbox is a good way of keeping secrets – well, secret. Shared inboxes, like this one from, are often encrypted with good security programs and only those with passwords (and other requirements, if any) are granted access to the inbox’s database. Sensitive files, messages, and photos are safer when stored in an online shared inbox. Just make sure that you really know the people you share passwords to and always remind them never to disclose such information to anybody else!

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A Shared Inbox May Also Be Used As Shared Storage

That’s right. When you save files on a personal computer or flash drive, there’s always the possibility of them getting corrupted – and well, destroyed completely. If you’re handling very important documents and files, it would be wise to store copies online. Shared inboxes are some of the safest places (if not the safest) that can house your files in the internet. Plus, people who are equally involved with the documents may view them anytime they want too.

Overall, a shared inbox is good software that can help improve your team’s cohesiveness and productivity big time. Why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and level up your team today? I’m pretty sure many software companies would love to assist you with your questions!


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