A chef reveals the challenges of the job and how to overcome them

We all have our passions, and if being a chef is what you love most, you know that it is not an easy job. Working in a kitchen from a professional level may inspires you, but must be ready for the challenges that come with the job. Being a chef comes with a lot of responsibility for you to make it in the industry.

A chef reveals the challenges of the job and how to overcome them

It means that you are not only a cook but also a leader and a manager of people. The profession calls for you to come up with a team, nourish your restaurant concept, and set standards as well as manage its execution. It takes a lot of passion and commitment to make it in this line of work.

Today, we will try to fit into the shoes of a chef for us to understand what the job demands. Our discussion is aimed at helping anyone who loves this job find better ways to cope with its unique challenges.

Finding the right menu

The dream of every chef is to cook what they love most and make customers happy. Pleasing people where it matters most may not be an easy task to accomplish. Everybody has their taste and preferences when it comes to the food they enjoy. This is what determines the loyalty of customers.

Sometimes as a chef, you have to sacrifice some of the meals you prefer to satisfy everyone else.  What matters is what attracts guests to your restaurant. Your vision and the customer’s reality may not be the same, so you must make some sacrifices to keep them happy and get the right menu.

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Remaining unique

With so many food joints at almost every corner of the street, the need to be unique adds pressure to a lot of chefs. You need to identify a niche in the business for you to remain unique so that customers can select your restaurant over the rest. By staying unique in the services and products you offer your clients, you can build a good reputation to attract more people.

Maintaining simplicity

As a chef, what you prepare both as an individual and as a team defines you. You probably love building menus that portray the capability of your team. Sometimes you may push too hard as you try to determine how robust your menu can be as well as gauge the presentation.

Sometimes, people appreciate the simple meals that they are used to. As long as the preparations are flavorful, your customers will receive them well. Always keep in mind that complicated meals do not always mean that they are better than simple ones. You don’t have to pack so many techniques and elements into one dish. Keep it simple.

Sourcing ingredients

The foundation of every meal lies in its ingredients. This also determine the quality of the meals you provide to customers. Sourcing ingredients is essential in achieving consistency and prevent you from running out. That is why, you must invest a lot of time cooperating with farmers, vendors, and fishmongers to ensure surplus all the time. It is what determines the success in your kitchen.

Team building

You may be an exceptional chef, but it is impossible to cook and run your restaurant alone. Finding the right people as well as training them may be challenging. Some of them may not be conversant with preparing some of the meals on your menu.

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As the team leader, you must find ways of managing your crew for you to deliver quality products to customers. You must be a good recruiter, coach, trainer and mentor to your team. As the head of your team, you should understand the difference between leading and managing your subordinates.

This ensures preparation of meals is done and completed at the right time. You should also purpose to inspire your crew to be great cooks as you lead by example.

Achieving consistency

This is also a big challenge that many chefs face. It is what determines how long your restaurant lasts. You may find a beautiful restaurant with few customers and a mediocre restaurant packed always. The difference lies in the consistency levels.

As a chef, you should come up with build systems that make you consistent in food delivery as you respect the ingredient’s quality. Educate your cooks the ways of adapting to factors that may affect the restaurant.


Kitchen safety can be a challenge if you don’t assume the risks involved. Different kitchen tools pose a danger to you and your crew. Sharp objects can fall on you, spills can cause burns, and a fire can break out at any moment.

That is why the safety of everybody working in the kitchen should always be your priority. You can prevent accidents by taking safety regulations such as get sufficient fire extinguishers according to the size of your restaurant. Chef shoes should not be an option since they increase comfort as you spend long hours standing and keep your feet safe.

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Food safety is also a problem that chefs have to deal with. Proper sanitation is both an ethical and legal obligation for every restaurant. Find the right sanitizers to maintain high hygienic standards of your kitchen. Food safety can also prevent cases of food poisoning.

Waste management

Waste is usually an enemy to a chef due to the high cost of food. You can tackle this problem by designing a menu that makes use of every ingredient to reduce the amount of waste.  Look for creative means of dealing with leftovers so that they don’t end up in the dustbins.

Profit making

Even though you may love cooking, at the end of the day, you will have spent your money purchasing all the supplies needed for meal preparations. Your end goal is to get a reasonable profit to cater for all your expenses and add your income. You must be business oriented to survive in the hospitality field.

Final thoughts

We believe that you now have a rough idea as to how to make it as a chef.  It goes beyond your mere love for food. Start dealing with these challenges today and transform them in your favor. All the best!


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