Apartment Cleaning Mistakes

A busy routine and a dirty apartment don’t mix well. It’s a real struggle keeping your home clean when you have a full-time job. The problem is, most people do their best to clean their home, especially if they don’t have a maid, and it isn’t good enough. They struggle to find pockets of time to clean and still doesn’t end with satisfactory results.

We understand this, and following we are going to point out a few things why people exhaust their time without making a difference.

Not Following the Top to Bottom Rule

Do you know why maids are efficient in apartment cleaning NYC? They follow the Top to Bottom Rule. It’s helpful especially if you have a major cleanup. Leave the floor for last, this way you won’t shake down any dust or dirt on something you spent time cleaning.

If vacuuming is your least favorite thing, then you may want to get rid of that first. But if you leave the top shelf for last, you will rain dirt on the freshly cleaned floorand will waste time cleaning it again.

You Never Sort Your Laundry

Worse, you don’t sort the laundry when you should. Yes, you can skip sorting your laundry by color when in a hurry. There are many strategies for sorting laundry quickly, like sorting out according to peopleinstead of color or fabric.

The thing is, if you start sorting laundry right before the main event, you will waste a lot of time. So, if you dedicate time pre-sorting, it helps you save a lot of time when washing your clothes. Stick with the basics.

Separate lint givers from lint catchers like towels from knits. Wash them together,and you will spend your whole life getting rid of fuzzy lints.

You Wash Windows on Sunny Day

While it makes sense to clean windows on a sunny day, the sun can hinder your productivity. The heat can dry up the cleaner before you can wipe it away. It leaves behind streaks. Cleaning streaks on a glass panel take more time than cleaning a dirty window itself.

Therefore, whenever you have a streak on the glass, you will need to start over again. So, wait for the sun to go away before you clean your windows. The same issue persists with your bathroom tiles. But the case is a bit different as you don’t let the cleaner sit before scuffing.

Let the spray set before you scrub it.  The cleaner will soften and dissolve scum and stains so you won’t need to scrub hard.

Washing Dishes Before Putting Themin Dishwasher

Yes, you need to scrape food particles in the garbage,but it doesn’t make sense to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. The research shows it doesn’t get your plates any cleaner. Prewashing your dishes is a waste of time and energy. Just load them in your dishwasher and let the dishwasher work its magic.

It is no rocket science. So, load up the dishwasher with all the dirty utensils and let it work. Don’t waste your time washing them for the dishwasher.


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