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A friend of mine recently narrated me her problem who’d been experiencing such acute constipation that it was getting converted into lower back pain. This is not the first time I have heard a report like this. Lower back pain and soreness can undoubtedly not only be caused by acute constipation, even small instances of constipation can cause back pain.

Constipation – Reason for Back Pain

When back pain is a variable, obstructive constipation is generally to blame. Obstructive constipation is pretty self-illustrative; defecation is stopped because of a blockage or distressing. The traffic in the intestines doesn’t stop, although defecation stops. When blockage becomes backed up, pressure on the lower back can raise and pain can result. The pain can raise if the impaction isn’t removed, since the body will continue to generate waste.

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By attempting to push your body to do something it is already having a difficulty with and striving, you can create pressure and cause additional pain.


  1. Grow a water dependency. Constipation can be exacerbated by dehydration.
  2. Get up and go. Sedentary habits make matters settle and movement keeps things going.
  3. Try acupuncture, colon irrigation, or massage therapy 

Back Pain – Reason for Constipation

If you have ever experienced long-term back pain or a pulled back muscle, you understand it can be incredibly debilitating. Your back is essential to your heart, most of your movement originates in that region. When your back’s very existence is always hampered by pain that is sharp, every move hurts and most moves are slow and prevented. It can actually be a terrible issue that prevents some individuals from making it out of bed.

It is also common to see constipation in people that have endured injuries back from weightlifting or strenuous tasks. Sometimes, it is straightforward- the lower back muscles hinder with the autonomic nerves in charge of the intestinal activity and spasm.


  1. Stretching
  2. Get proper sleep
  3. Have a good Massage
  4. Exercise your hamstrings
  5. Purchase a proper mattress.

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