2016 content marketing trends

Inescapable today, content marketing or content marketing does not need to prove its effectiveness. Now we know the value and interest of relevant content can acquire a target audience and reach new customers. For a brand or company, customize its content becomes essential in a digital society and constantly changing, the most difficult is to be original, to reinvent, to renew itself constantly.

In seeking the topic of my article today, I came across an infographic associated with content marketing trends in 2016. This is proposed by a California company called ZenContent whose job is to provide content for professionals. For more information and because 2016 advanced at great speed, so I decided to translate this guide content marketing trends …

The different trends that are leading the way in 2016

  • Content marketing: the content marketing generates three times more business contacts than the traditional approach to marketing called outbound marketing (mail files, points of sale, purchasing of advertising space …) while costing 62% less!   Today ay, 86% of companies use content 
  • Blogging: the past few years, blogs have the wind in its sails!Besides the companies that keep a blog have 97% more links to their site and have 67% of contacts (leads) more than those who have not integrated blog to their website.
  • SEM: 58% of marketers who use SEM (search engine marketing) think that this method is more effective for content distribution.
  • The content generated by the user: 67% of users of “automated” marketing is very effective due to the use of the user-generated content (comments, opinions, videos, photos …) to improve the fidelity of their audience. 84% of the most successful companies are already using user-generated content or plan to do so in 2016.
  • Social media: in 2015, 92% of the digital professionals have found important to the economic model of their business, using social  Knowing the different social platforms while remaining active on they constitute added value for the company regarding visibility and interest. Adapt its message each platform allows us to offer a unique experience to sociates.
  • Video format: In 2014, HubSpot reported that the commitment of the video on Facebook increases 3.6 times  Instagram, Vine Snapchat or have only reinforced the use of video. 57% of marketers say they use the video format in their strategy.

Importance of B2C marketing objectives for the year 2016

  1. Commitment: 88%
  2. Consumer loyalty: 88%
  3. Brand awareness: 87%
  4. Sales: 77%
  5. Lead generation: 69%
  6. Meet the client: 69%

B2C marketing measures of success based on 2015

  1. Website traffic: 62%
  2. Sales: 54%
  3. SEO Positioning: 39%
  4. Time spent on the site: 38%
  5. Number of subscribers: 34%
  6. Inbound Links: 23%

Content marketing methods used by brands in 2015

2016 content marketing trends 1

To what kinds of investments turn for the year 2016?

According to the CMO Council, 26% of expenditures for marketing in the United States are used to paying ads and branded content.

  • Paid advertising:  with this kind of advertising, brands can target personalized ads to a specific audience to improve their global reach and visibility. With Google AdWords at hand, set a budget and selecting keywords that will generate a better ranking of content, is almost a breeze.
  • Advertising on social media: invest in these advertisements on social networks (Facebook Sponsored posts, ads on Twitter …) allows your custom content to reach more people through various social channels and, therefore, increase your overall hearing. Ads can also be an effective way to measure what kind of content your audience interested and what are the possible adjustments to provide in the future.
  • Planning and editorial strategy: budget planning and editorial strategy are important to understanding the goals and objectives of a company marketing presence. Equally important, the creation of an editorial schedule (social media, blog articles …) to enable an organization and optimum monitoring in the publication of editorial content.

Milestones of a happy promising marketing strategy

Planning and editorial strategy

  • Develop budget total and divide by marketing objectives
  • Study your audience to define what types of content will be the most engaging
  • Assign goals of team members and coordinate with all services
  • Decide on the frequency creation, publication and dissemination of content
  • Create an editorial schedule to plan the distribution of content, schedules publications, advertising campaigns and other objectives
  • Help of professional sources to create unique content and diversify themes
  • Measuring the ROI using analyzed routinely collected to determine the success of the marketing plan and anticipate any adjustments.

Creating unique content and regular

  • Always create relevant content, appealing to readers and by the commitment, comments, trends …
  • Edit and reproduce the content published on different channels: unique content for social media, blogs, applications, videos …
  • Outsource to professionals, content with high creativity or when they are to be created in large quantities.

The Web Content Distribution

  • Distribute and publish editorial content across multiple channels such as social media applications, blogs … Think also the website where videos or guides can be published
  • Increase the global reach of content using paid media, creating advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin … Using Google Adwords to increase the position of research results,
  • Identify influencers and resource people in online communities (social networks, professional networks, forums …) and suggest they read the content or relying on their subscribers.

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